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5 Things to Say Goodbye to in the New Year

5 Things to Say Goodbye to in the New Year

Get your party hats and noise makers ready, because it’s almost 2016! As entrepreneurs and Synergy Team Members, you are most likely noting your personal and team business goals at this very second in preparation for a fruitful New Year. For the best results, devise attainable goals and then create an action plan that makes you stick to those goals.

An estimated 24% of goal setters continue working toward their New Year’s resolutions for more than a few weeks. Be part of the group that conquers in 2016. Set yourself up to be successful by getting rid of these five things that are toxic to your business goals:

1. Clutter

As a Synergy distributor, chances are you work from home. Do you have stacks of forms and handouts on your desk and counters? Are your business materials scattered around your house? If your answer is “yes,” it’s time to tidy up! Research shows that clean, organized spaces prompt increased productivity. As you physically clean your workspace, you’ll find that your thinking space feels cleaner, too, and you’ll be able to execute tasks with greater efficiency.

2. Wasted Time

Nowadays, it’s almost too easy to let precious hours slip between your fingers thanks to the TV marathons of your favorite shows, the addictive games and limitless information contained within your smart devices, and the always beckoning social media sites. The digital world is a beautiful and dangerous thing. Make sure you’ve accomplished everything on your day’s to-do list, before rewarding yourself with an hour of mindlessly channel surfing and Facebook scrolling.

3. Negativity

The voices in your head have a powerful, yet subtle, influence on what you’re able to accomplish. If you tell yourself you cannot accomplish one of your goals, well, you’ve already failed. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in your abilities. Forgive yourself for making mistakes. If you have a disappointing week, look forward to the next week’s potential. As you make an effort to be optimistic every day, in every situation, people will gravitate toward you and your positive outlook will give you hope for the future.

4. Blame

Life would be too easy if your plans always went the way you wanted them to. The struggles you experience can help you develop a certain skillset that makes you valuable and unique. While facing trying situations, take responsibility for your mistakes and quickly correct them. Stay away from blaming certain individuals or circumstances that you believe contributed to difficulties. This will bring about a negative atmosphere that suffocates your business. Stop pointing the finger and start tactfully addressing the issues at hand to improve business performance.

5. Procrastination

New goals are hard to digest at first. They’re intimidating and can feel unattainable. With this attitude, you may feel like the safest thing to do is put it off until tomorrow. Before you know it, a month has passed and you haven’t moved a single step closer to your objective. This is the ultimate recipe for disaster. Begin working toward a goal by starting small. Plan your daily activities the night before and get to work soon after you wake up. By taking a few large or small steps in the right direction every day, you will eventually arrive at your desired destination.

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