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New Elemence Sample Card

New Elemence Sample Card

Throughout the month of July, we are empowering you to share Synergy’s approach to body care! There has never been an easier way to share the essential elements of skin science each of these products brings to keep you skin looking and feeling its best. These new sample cards are specifically designed to help you easily share Synergy’s Elite Health products with your family, friends, and anyone else you meet.


All you need to do to get your hands on these new sample cards is to place an order containing any of the three Elemence products (Hand & Body Lotion, Total Body Wash and Vera Gel) during the month of July. We will then mail you a FREE 10-pack of sample cards. Learn more about how you can enjoy the “Summer Elements” this month HERE.


These Elemence sample cards are digitally available in your Back Office Resources or you can find them and others HERE. You are welcome to share these sample cards in a text or an email, download them yourself, and print additional copies at your local printer. 

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Mexico Leaders Come to Cancún

Mexico Leaders Come to Cancún

Leaders from Synergy Mexico recently gathered together for leadership and product training in Cancún. This event was held in beautiful, Cancún, Mexicoat the IberoStar Selection Cancún. Located within the famous “hotel zone,” this all-inclusive resort offered luxurious accommodations, oceanfront views, sunny weather, and a terrific dining experience. 

The central focus of the weekend was on two meeting sessions filled with training from Synergy corporate and field leadership. The leaders in attendance received exclusive gifts and learned about our vision for the future of Synergy Mexico, new sales tools, social media, product education along with a special announcement regarding the launch of two new products! 

Aside from the meetings, leaders were able to enjoy free time by relaxing on the beach or by taking a dip in the many resort swimming pools. Each evening, the group joined together for team dinners at different resort restaurants followed by on-site entertainment including a beachside fire dancing show, live singing and dancing.

View the 2022 Come to Cancún photo album HERE.



Synergy announces the Jumpstart Bonus, an exclusive promotion just for North American Team Members as a way to earn extra cash for building their Synergy business! Team Members who personally sponsor and activate at least three new Team Members within one of two 2-week sprints, will be eligible to receive a Jumpstart Bonus! View the promotion details HERE.


Any active Team Member that sponsors at least 3 new enrollments within one of the 2-week sprint periods, will be eligible to receive a JumpStart Bonus. The eligible Team Member will earn a bonus for each new enrollee they sponsor. New accounts must be activated with at least 150 CV. Available only in the United States and Canada.

The JumpStart bonuses will payout through monthly or weekly commissions, depending on which 2-week sprint period the bonus is earned in.

Sprint 1: July 18th – August 1st, 2022

Bonuses will payout with July monthly commissions.

Sprint 2: August 1st – August 16th, 2022

Bonuses will payout on August 24th with weekly commissions.

All accounts will be subject to a corporate audit to prevent fraudulent activity during this incentive period. Any violators of Synergy’s Policies & Procedures will be disqualified.

New Team Members are individuals who have never previously been a member of Synergy WorldWide in any capacity. Reactivated accounts do not qualify towards this promotion.

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June Achievements 2022

June Achievements 2022

We extend sincere congratulations to the enthusiastic Synergy Team Members sharing Elite Health across North America. In June of 2022, the individuals listed below advanced to new ranks of success in their business. It is our privilege to recognize them for the time and energy they have invested into reaching their goals, and helping people unlock their potential. 

We will also be highlighting these incredible individuals on our exclusive North America Facebook Page. Become part of our group, and help build our Synergy community online. Now, please join us in congratulating the following Team Members across North America:


Team Manager

Fangyi Lee


Yun Lin

Emi Kawase

Traverse City Total Care PC


Team Members with the most personally sponsored Tracking Centers

RBS Marketing INC

Dianne Sandberg

Paula Roman Valdepeña

Merlese Howard

Nao Neal


Team Members with the most personally sponsored rank advancements

Nao Neal

Min Tzu Hsu

RBS Marketing INC

Tee and See Marketing INC

Compliance Medical Services LLC

Earlwaine Cumberbatch


Fangyi Lee

Product Training Podcast: Elemence

Product Training Podcast: Elemence

Tune in to our newest Synergy WorldWide podcast now! Easily access it right here from our Synergy blog whenever you’re free. 

This month, the focus is on Summer Elements of Body Care. Join Jake Rothfels for thoughts on why Elemence is the perfect trio to help your skin look and feel its best.

NOTE: This podcast is published for educational purposes only with no intent to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. The content of this podcast has not been evaluated by the USFDA, nor by any governing body.

Summer Elements of Body Care

Summer Elements of Body Care

Rich botanicals, plentiful vitamins, and sophisticated technology combine to make up a premier body care system that brings you the “essential elements of skin science.” Elemence is Synergy’s paraben-free body care line designed to cleanse, moisturize, and treat your skin—no matter what type of skin you have. Each product in the Elemence line was formulated with natural ingredients using scientific technology that targets everything your skin needs to look and feel great. Nourish your skin with rich botanicals and vitamins that are safe, effective, and gentle on your skin. View the complete Elemence spotlight details HERE.


Elemence Pack

You can now purchase all three Elemence products together in a single pack with greater savings than ever before. 

For more information, check out our Elemence fact sheets:


Questions? Contact our friendly Customer Service agents today.

July Calendar is Now Available

July Calendar is Now Available

The July calendar for Synergy North America is officially live. This month, we are sharing the essential elements of skin science. Taking care of your skin is never more important than during the hot and dry summer months. Keep an eye on the blog for a product training podcast. To easily access our digital calendar, simply click on the “calendar” tab online at

Like having a physical calendar instead? Download this PDF version for a visual reminder of our future events.

Hosting something of your own? Synergy Team Members can submit their events for all to see. Simply click on the blog’s calendar tab, fill out the fields below the calendar, and submit. Your event will be given a quick review, and then posted by our marketing department within a few business days. 

Check out the July calendar below, and get ready for the exciting events planned for everyone in our Synergy community.