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Watch our ABC4 News Segment Now

Watch our ABC4 News Segment Now

In case you missed it, Synergy and the Impact Foundation went live on ABC4 News to share our message and raise better awareness for Heart Health. Catch our special video segment above, as we discuss the details regarding our successful fundraiser for Primary Children’s Hospital, and highlight the generosity and support from incredible individuals like you. 


Love giving back? Check out The Impact Foundation online for updates regarding our current fundraising efforts and different ways you can help to make an impact worldwide. 

Product Training Webinar: Liquid Chlorophyll

Product Training Webinar: Liquid Chlorophyll

We’re diving right into the science behind Synergy’s Liquid Chlorophyll with this month’s product training. Join Jake Rothfels, Synergy Marketing Manager, for an in-depth, enjoyable look at the popular power of Chlorophyll. 
Discover how the unique ingredients of Liquid Chlorophyll including chlorophyllin, barley grass, and alfalfa, work to support the body’s natural antioxidant enzymes, boosting immune function and eliminating toxins from the body. 


Date: Wednesday, March 24, 2021 Time: 7:00 PM – OR – 8:00 PM (MT)Registration Link: English
NOTE: This product training will feature presentation slides. For the best experience, we recommend you register today to join online. This webinar will be broadcast for educational purposes only. There will be no recordings published or distributed. This webinar is being broadcast with no intent to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. The content of this webinar will not be evaluated by the USFDA, nor by any governing body.
Set a reminder, notify your team, and get ready to learn more about the scientific benefits of nature’s simple health solution— Liquid Chlorophyll.  

Synergy To Share Good News On ABC4

Synergy To Share Good News On ABC4

Though the 2021 Heart Health month has come to its end, your efforts have made a lasting impact. Thanks to your generosity and heart-health purchases, Synergy is proud to announce (drum roll please) that $25,000 has been donated to The Heart Center at Primary Children’s Hospital. For more details, check out our official Press Release
Presented to Julia Saxton, Corporate and Foundation Relations Director for Primary Children’s Hospital, by Terrence Moorehead, Chief Executive Officer, and Nate Brower, President of the Impact Foundation, this generous donation will provide direct support for cutting-edge cardiac equipment and facilities to ensure the highest quality care for young patients. These funds will also be used to assist families with children currently enrolled as patients in the hospital by assuaging the costs associated with life-saving transplant procedures and medicines. 

Synergy is Going LIVE on ABC News

Sharing the gift of heart health takes more than just one of us. That’s why this week, we’ll be joining ABC4 News to share our message and raise better awareness for Heart Health.
Those who are able to tune into ABC4 Utah on Wednesday, March 24 at 12 PM (MT) can see Synergy and the Impact Foundation share this year’s Heart Health Month story. We’ll share the good news about the Primary Children’s donation, the incredible individuals who helped support this cause, and our dedication to promoting Elite Health every day. We can’t wait to see you live!

Synergy Donates $25,000 To Primary Children’s Hospital

Synergy Donates $25,000 To Primary Children’s Hospital

Synergy WorldWide Inc. (Synergy), a subsidiary of Nature’s Sunshine Products (Nature’s Sunshine) (NASDAQ: NATR), alongside The Impact Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, presented a check for $25,000 to Primary Children’s Hospital March 19, 2021.

In an effort to bring awareness to the body’s hardest-working muscle during Heart Health Month and to better share the healing power of nature, Synergy WorldWide donated five percent of all proceeds of Synergy’s heart health products sold in February to benefit The Heart Center at Primary Children’s Hospital. Additionally, Synergy opened a direct donation line for individuals, including employees and customers, to donate an amount of their choice. 

“With the critical care they provide to our communities, we are fortunate to have an institution like Primary Children’s Hospital nearby,” said Nate Brower, President of the Impact Foundation. “We are excited to bring more attention to their efforts and proud to support their incredible caregivers and the individuals and families they serve.” 

These funds will provide direct support for cutting-edge cardiac equipment and facilities to ensure the highest quality care for patients. This donation will also be used to assist families with children currently enrolled as patients in the hospital by assuaging costs associated with life-saving transplant procedures and medicines. 
In doing so, Synergy WorldWide, alongside The Impact Foundation, is continually working to give back to the community and share the healing power of nature with those in need. 

About Nature’s Sunshine Products and Synergy WorldWide

Nature’s Sunshine Products (NASDAQ: NATR), a leading natural health and wellness company, markets and distributes nutritional and personal care products in more than 40 countries. Nature’s Sunshine manufactures most of its products through its own state-of-the-art facilities to ensure its products continue to set the standard for the highest quality, safety and efficacy on the market today. Additional information about the Company can be obtained at its website. Synergy WorldWide markets and distributes innovative and highest quality health solutions across the globe. As a company focused on Elite Health, Synergy helps individuals unlock their full potential. Information regarding Synergy WorldWide can also be obtained at its website

About The Impact Foundation

Established in 2019 as the corporate foundation for Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. and Synergy WorldWide, the Impact Foundation empowers a community of loyal, like-minded individuals, by increasing awareness of nature’s healing power, creating meaningful service opportunities, and engaging with charitable organizations that align closely with its cause. The foundation is built upon the pillars of service, awareness, and support to carry out its mission of sharing the healing power of nature around the world. Additional information about the foundation can be obtained at its website

About Primary Children’s Hospital

Primary Children’s Hospital (PCH) ranks among the best children’s hospitals in the United States. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, PCH is focused on providing the best care for more than 1 million children living in a 400,000 square-mile service area. The 289-bed facility is a Level I pediatric trauma center that cares for children with complex illness and injury, including organ transplants and complex birth defects. PCH is part of Intermountain Healthcare, a not-for-profit health care system, and the pediatric teaching hospital for the University of Utah, School of Medicine. Currently ranked in the top ten for Best Children’s Heart Care by Parent’s Magazine, The Heart Center at PCH is a specialized unit that focuses solely on pediatric heart care. Additionally, their echo lab is accredited in transthoracic, transesophageal, and fetal echocardiographic testing.

Video Conference Call, Mar. 16

Video Conference Call, Mar. 16

Join us Tuesday, March 16, at 7:00 PM (MT) for our Video Conference Call, hosted by Josh McKell, National Sales Director for North America. This month, we’ll be discussing all things Synergy including the purpose of Elite Health and how to be successful in network marketing. We will also have the opportunity to hear from Synergy Founder, Dan Higginson. 

This video call will also feature visual content to illustrate the messages discussed. Calling in by phone is an option, however we encourage you to join us through the Zoom link below for the complete experience.

Simply click HERE Meeting ID: 182 027 433
Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2021Time: 7:00 PM (MT)By phone: +1 (669) 900 6833

The Power of Green

The Power of Green

While working towards Elite Health and better nutrition, we sometimes miss our helpful daily servings of grassy, leafy, POWERFUL veggies.  But Synergy has the solution. Made for daily goal-crushers, Synergy’s Essential Greens helps bridge the gap in your daily food intake.

Formulated to provide quick, effective nutrients, Essential Greens includes a significant amount of wheat grass, barley grass, and oat grass. These cereal grasses contain a wide range of potent plant compounds, including antioxidants and phytonutrients—both noted for their ability to protect, nourish, and strengthen the body.

Not only does Essential Greens provide the power of phytonutrients, it also harness the energy of nature— chlorophyll. Channeling the vitality of mighty photosynthesis, chlorophyll helps protect healthy cells and supports your immunity while also acting as a natural detoxifier. 

Experience the power of green today. Participate in our Lucky Greens Promotion to earn your FREE box of Essential Greens.

February Achievements 2021

February Achievements 2021

We extend sincere congratulations to the enthusiastic Synergy Team Members sharing Elite Health across North America. In February of 2021, the men and women listed below advanced to new ranks of success in their business. It is our privilege to recognize them for the time and energy they have invested into reaching their goals, and helping people unlock their potential. 
We will also be highlighting these incredible individuals on our exclusive North America Facebook Page. Become part of our group, and help build our Synergy community online. Now, please join us in congratulating the following Team Members across North America:

Team ManagerJaime Andres SuarezTeam LeaderIsa SolisJaime Andres SuarezAndres Suarez
GoldAndres SuarezJose SalasJaime Andres SuarezIsa Solis
Isa SolisJaime Andres SuarezMaria MoralesAndres SuarezSara Morales
Luisa RoaJhon Jairo Trivño BermudezSara MoralesMartha ArdilaDavid RasmussenLiliana Isaura Morales AndradeAndres SuarezJose SalasMaria MoralesJaime Andres SuarezIrma VargasIsa SolisFangyi Lee
StarDr. Nancy GravelDaniel RodriguezIsa SolisIrma VargasGloria MondragonMoises MondragonJaime Andres SuarezMaria MoralesJose SalasAndres SuarezFrancisco Ibagon RodriguezLedys MartinezCarlos Alberto Parra CarrilloLiliana Isaura Morales AndradeAlberto MartinezJohn Jairo Pinto LaraJose Alexander Chacon OsorioOscar Fabian Pedraza RodriguezDavid RasmussenLi ChristineMartha ArdilaSara MoralesJhon Jairo Trivño BermudezLuisa RoaClaudia GuevaraMaria CondeSergio PinzonRuth TellezGloris Edilma Zorrilla PadilaJosefa Alejandra Gutierrez JimenezCanyon VanceJordan VanceNicholas Condley
TOP RECRUITER Team Members with the most personally sponsored Tracking Centers

Jaime Andres SuarezDavid RasmussenJose Alexander Salas MolinaCecilio Jose Padilla ZorrillaFederico SanchezVictor LópezJhon Jairo Trivño BermudezLiliana Isaura Morales Andrade

TOP TEAM BUILDER Team Members with the most personally sponsored rank advancements

Jaime Andres SuarezCecilio J Padilla ZorrillaIsa SolisJose SalasAndres SuarezBobby DechiaroMaria MoralesIrma VargasCarols Alberto Parra CarrilloFederico SanchezMin Tzu Hsu

Trulūm Youth Serum discontinued

Trulūm Youth Serum discontinued

Since its debut in 2017, the Trulūm skin care line has been helping people to “discover true luminance” and support their skin health. At this time however, Synergy has taken steps to discontinue the distribution and manufacture of one of the seven Trulūm products: Youth Serum will no longer be available for purchase in North America, consolidating the Trulūm line in alignment with product demand.  Youth Serum, one of the three serums in the Trulūm line, helped to fortify the skin by strengthening the natural barrier against pollutants. This benefit is shared with Trulūm Intrinsic Complex and Moisturizer. These two products remain available and popular, not only for their ability to fortify the skin, but also for aiding in the display of even skin tone, and promoting a radiant, healthy appearance. 

A consolidated new Trulūm Pack has been created to reflect this adjustment. Now containing the select six Trulūm products, our new Trulūm pack continues to purify and fortify, ensuring glowing results and enhanced protection. This pack is available at a lower price, reflecting the removal of Youth Serum.
Our product development experts continue to seek new opportunities within the field of superior skincare solutions. Synergy will continue to research, innovate and provide skin care products that encompass our vision of Elite Health and generate results.
Questions? Feel free to contact our friendly Customer Service Agents today.

Biome Shake Temporary Label Update

Biome Shake Temporary Label Update

Synergy’s Quality Assurance standards include the rigorous testing of every product we manufacture and distribute. This ensures valid, accurate labeling, as well as purity, potency and safety. 

While testing our latest manufactured lot of Biome Shake, we found an increase in potassium and selenium amounts. As such, this batch of Biome Shake will come labeled with an updated nutrition fact panel to ensure the accurate representation of ingredient measures within the product. 

This increased amount of potassium and selenium will have little effect on the potency, taste, and benefit profile of Biome Shake. Many consumers will likely not notice any difference. Simply, the updated label is to ensure our Team Members and Customers are aware of the slight change to this particular batch of Biome Shake should they be following a diet program that restricts consumption of these minerals. 

The inadvertent increase in potassium and selenium is expected to be temporary, and going forward, Synergy will be analyzing Biome Shake’s ingredient profile in order to solve this change. Stay tuned to this blog for updates.

MineralStandard Formula Amounts/servingCurrent, Temporary Amounts/serving
Potassium150 mg336 mg
Selenium24.5 mcg56 mcg

Lucky Greens Promotion

Lucky Greens Promotion

Feeling lucky?Embrace the power of green with our March Lucky Greens Promotion. This month, channel your inner leprechaun and score your personal pot of gold with Synergy’s potent health supplements. 

For a limited time, enjoy the body-cleansing benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll with our special pack discount. Starting today, Liquid Chlorophyll 5 Packs are now $90 / 65 CV and 24 Packs are $360 / 240 CV. With big savings and even better benefits, treat yourself to nature’s simple solution for improved health. 

Earn a FREE V3 Chlorophyll Edition when you personally sponsor 3 new Team Members (with a min. activation order of 150 CV). Packing nutrition, power, and protection into your health routine, cover your bases with the help of Synergy’s V3. 

JOIN OUR TEAMGet a FREE box of Essential Greens when you join Synergy as a New Team Member (with a min. activation order of 150 CV). Get your daily dose of essential nutrients today.


New Preferred Customers will receive a FREE Liquid Chlorophyll with their first order of $100 or more. With superior antioxidant support, boost your immune system with the power of Liquid Chlorophyll.

Enjoy the best nature has to offer and prepare your team for this month! For more information, check out our Lucky Greens Info Sheet for the Terms and Conditions of this promotion. 
Questions? Contact our friendly Customer Service agents today.