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Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours

Synergy Customer Service will be closed Monday, May 31st for Memorial Day. The phone lines will open again on Tuesday, June 1st at 8:30 am. In the meantime, please feel free to leave a voice message, send an email, or send a text message. Thank you.

Synergy’s Manufacturing Guarantee

Synergy’s Manufacturing Guarantee

When it comes to supplement creation,figure class=”wp-block-embed is-type-video is-provider-vimeo wp-block-embed-vimeo”> Synergy is known for pure ingredients, potent formulas, and powerful wellness products. Utilizing both Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality Assurance testing empowers us to produce the highest quality wellness products.
As a Nature’s Sunshine company, we own and operate our own manufacturing facility. Alongside our wide range of prestigious certifications, this facility houses custom machinery, expert staff, and innovative scientific labs for ingredient and quality testing. These aspects allow us to control every step of the production process— including the ingredients, the formulas, and the equipment used.
Discover the unique qualifications that Synergy upholds to ensure the production of superior health solutions. It’s our Synergy standard.

April Achievements 2021

April Achievements 2021

We extend sincere congratulations to the enthusiastic Synergy Team Members sharing Elite Health across North America. In April of 2021, the men and women listed below advanced to new ranks of success in their business. It is our privilege to recognize them for the time and energy they have invested into reaching their goals, and helping people unlock their potential. 
We will also be highlighting these incredible individuals on our exclusive North America Facebook Page. Become part of our group, and help build our Synergy community online. Now, please join us in congratulating the following Team Members across North America:


Team Manager

Carlos Marcano

Team Leader

Sean International Enterprise


Sean International Enterprise


Jesse B. Cumberbatch


Natalie M. Woodcook

Jorge Adorno

Cherly Ann Jones

Natalie Thomas

Jose Camacho


Vicki Pinkham

Jorge Adorno

Noel Antontio Estrella Rivera

Rosa M. Cepeda

Zimmer Chhiropractic

Danielle Kesling

Troy Riggs

Yi Chen Lin

Chris Burton

Gordon Hunter

Gabriel Esteban Torres Hernadez

Randall Mohammed

Terrance Mohammed

Bryan Nunez

Branko Lovrencic

Felipe Andres Millan

Jose Camacho

Aurelis Aponte

Edgar Palma

Gloria A. Castaneda

Constance Lukac

Nohemi Garcia

Roger Armando Velez

Jose Walter Mazariego

Antonio Manuel Guevara Molinar

Cesar Herrera Pascasio

Armando Jaén

William H. Layne

Jay Rosengren

Stephanie Roman

Luis Raul Ortega Colon

TOP RECRUITER Team Members with the most personally sponsored Tracking Centers

Cecilio J. Padilla Zorrilla

David Rasmussen

Sean International Enterprise

Jose Walter Mazariego

Bobby Dechiaro

Danielle KeslingIsa Solis

Maria Nada-Cabral

Anneris Davila

Gordon Hunter

TOP TEAM BUILDER Team Members with the most personally sponsored rank advancements

Cecilio J. Padilla Zorrilla

Min Tzu Hsu

Sean International Enterprise

Isa Solis

Robin Francis

Earlwaine Cumberbatch

Jesse B. Cumberbatch

Carmen M. De Leon Bonilla

David Rasmussen

Synergy Quality and Certifications Training, Wed. May 12

Synergy Quality and Certifications Training, Wed. May 12

When it comes to supplement creation, Synergy holds the highest standard. This Wednesday, May 12, 2021, learn what sets us apart from others, including how we’ve earned exceptional certifications such as the TGA, ISO-9001, and the ISO-17025. 
Discover the in-depth dedication and precision utilized in our manufacturing and Quality Assurance labs to ensure we continually provide powerful, pure wellness products.


Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2021 Time: 7:00 PM (MT)Registration Link: English
NOTE: This webinar will feature video clips. For the best experience, we recommend you register today to join online. This webinar will be broadcast for educational purposes only with no intent to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. The content of this webinar will not be evaluated by the USFDA, nor by any governing body.
Set a reminder, notify your team, and prepare to learn more about our Synergy Quality Assurance promise to provide you with the best supplements worldwide. 

Microbiome May Promotion

Microbiome May Promotion

Give your gut an extra dose of love with our Microbiome May promotion. This month, join us in focusing on restoring and balancing your microbiome with the help of key products from our scientifically-cultivated Purify program— your May-Crobiome will thank you!


Earn a FREE Purify Kit when you personally sponsor 3 new Team Members (with a min. activation order of 150 CV). Comprised of highest-quality products, the Purify Kit is clinically formulated to give your microbiome the overhaul it needs to start clean. 


Get a FREE bottle of Biome DTX when you join Synergy as a New Team Member (with a min. activation order of 150 CV). An innovative food supplement, Biome DTX utilizes three distinct pathways to provide breakthrough purification.  


New Preferred Customers will receive a FREE bottle of Biome Actives with their first order of $100 or more. Fuel your beneficial gut bacteria with Biome Actives and its unique support of prebiotics and probiotics.

Refresh your internal health and prepare your team for this month! For more information, check out our Microbiome May Info Sheet for the Terms and Conditions of this promotion.

Questions? Contact our friendly Customer Service agents today.

May Calendar is Now Available

May Calendar is Now Available

The May calendar for Synergy North America is officially live.Spring into the new month and refresh your internal health with our Microbiome May promotion. Also, tune in for our special Synergy Quality and Certifications training happening during the second week of May. To easily access our digital calendar, simply click on the “calendar” tab online at

Like having a physical calendar instead? Download this PDF version for a visual reminder of our future events.

Hosting something of your own? Synergy Team Members can submit their events for all to see. Simply click on the blog’s calendar tab, fill out the fields below the calendar, and submit. Your event will be given a quick review, and then posted by our marketing department within a few business days. 

Check out the March calendar below, and get ready for the exciting events planned for everyone in our Synergy community.