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August Calendar is Now Available

August Calendar is Now Available

The August calendar for Synergy North America is officially live. Following the success of our FEEL THE POWER Virtual Event, we’ve scheduled a variety of new activities to keep the momentum going this month. You can easily access the digital calendar by clicking the “calendar” tab on
Like having a physical calendar instead? Download this PDF version for a visual reminder of our future events.
Hosting something of your own? Synergy Team Members can submit their events for all to see. Simply click on the blog’s calendar tab, fill out the fields below the calendar, and submit. Your event will be given a quick review, and then posted by our marketing department within a few business days. 
Check out the August calendar below, and get ready for the exciting events planned for everyone in our Synergy community.

Webinar Recording: Maximum Earning Potential Part III

Webinar Recording: Maximum Earning Potential Part III

Watch the new recording of our third Maximum Earning Potential webinar, which provided a detailed discussion of Synergy’s compensation plan. 

Led by Andrew Earl, Manager of Field Sales and Digital Media, this webinar illustrated the finer points of Synergy’s compensation plan, allowing each individual to understand and utilize it to their benefit. It also provided a comprehensive outline of the Mega-Match bonus, including the best ways to maximize its usage. 
Additionally, this webinar ended with a challenge for the month:

  • Enroll one new Team Member who activates with a monthly Autoship order

Completing this challenge will immediately have a positive impact upon your own commission check!

Share this presentation with friends, or use it to help train your team. Click HERE to download the presentation in PDF format. Click HERE to download the presentation in PowerPoint format.

Leadership Retreat 2021 In Miami

Leadership Retreat 2021 In Miami

Are you ready for a well-deserved vacation? Qualify now for the 2021 Synergy Leadership Retreat in Miami, Florida. Famous for its stunning beaches, vibrant city life, and diverse culture, Miami is sure to delight and excite everyone. During this four-day adventure, you will be able to celebrate your achievements, learn, relax, and explore— all while soaking up golden Florida sunshine.
Qualifiers will enjoy the classy comforts of the Royal Palms Hotel of South Beach Miami. Your hotel, transportation, and activity costs are on us. We’ll also be covering most of your meals and offering flight compensation up to $400 on basic airfare. So, get ready to join us on this dream vacation and make sure to pack your camera, your sunglasses, and some extra e9! 

How To Qualify:

We have two, six-month qualification periods allowing you double the chances to earn your spot. However, there are two ways to qualify for this trip. You can either:

  1. Rank advance to a “Team” Pin title for the first time and maintain that title for an additional month. 
  2. Or, if you currently hold a “Team” Pin Title,  maintain your highest “Team” Pin title for three months.

The “Team” Pin Titles are the Synergy ranks of Team Leader, Team Manager, Team Director, and Team Elite. If you’re able to maintain your title for the full six months, congratulations! Not only have you earned your trip to Miami, but you’ve also qualified for a guest ticket, so you can bring your spouse, best friend, or partner along.


Additionally, you can join Leadership Retreat 2021 at your own expense if you have earned commissions at a “Team” Pin Title or higher at least once during the qualification period. This buy-in option is also applicable for guests of qualifiers. 

  • Buy-in for Team Leader and above is $3,000
  • Buy-in for qualifier guest is $2,500

You don’t want to miss the fun in Miami! Organize your team, make a plan, and set this as a goal today. We are making the plans to party, and we want you with us.

Download the Leadership Retreat 2021 Infographic to share, print or post. Questions or concerns? Contact us today.

Go Gold and Visit Utah

Go Gold and Visit Utah

Join Synergy WorldWide in the heart of Utah by qualifying for our first Go Gold Retreat. Known for its gorgeous national parks, thrilling ski slopes, and world class visitor experiences, Utah provides a thriving setting for Synergy’s global headquarters. Let us bring you here.

For three days, you’ll be able to experience Synergy. Visit the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation. Take a personal tour of our Quality Assurance labs and Manufacturing Facility Explore the stunning mountains of Park City, and so much more. Qualifiers for the Go Gold Retreat will also receive flight compensation up to $300. Plus, your hotel, meals, and activity costs are all on us. We pay so you can party.


We have two, six-month qualification periods starting with July through December 2020, and followed by January through June 2021– allowing you twice the opportunity to earn your spot.

  1. Advance to the rank of Gold Title for the first time,
  2. Maintain your new title for an additional month

It’s that easy! Depending on the month in which your rank is maintained, you’ll be scheduled to visit Utah in the following February or August. However, we already have our February dates scheduled, so act now and join us February 4th-7th, 2021.

Now is the time to set goals, make plans, and earn your spot on our incredible Go Gold Retreat. Download our Go Gold Retreat Infographic to keep yourself on track, or to share it with your team. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly Customer Service agents.

June Achievements 2020

June Achievements 2020

We extend sincere congratulations to the enthusiastic Synergy Team Members sharing Elite Health across North America. In June of 2020, the men and women listed below advanced to new ranks of success in their business. It is our privilege to recognize them for the time and energy they have invested into reaching their goals, and helping people unlock their potential. Please join us in congratulating the following Team Members across North America:

Alex Cumberbatch

Edgar Robinson
Lanie Miceli
Harriett Mayers
Owen Bulgin

Antonio Rodriguez
Dewey Mclean
Leon Richard Hunte
Sandra Brown
Sharon Alicia Belle
Daniel Mendez Medina
Mariko Hata
Simple Life Chiropractic
Rivertown Chiropractic & Wellness
Dr. Phil Roberts
Kathy Alexis
Jesse B Cumberbatch
Sherman Snaggs
Christel R. Richards

TOP RECRUITER Team Members with the most personally sponsored Tracking Centers

Dr. Michael Feulner
Lanie Miceli
Advanced Body Corrective Center
Sandra Brown
Roger Husbands

TOP TEAM BUILDER Team Members with the most personally sponsored rank advancements

Earlwaine Cumberbatch
Lanie Miceli
Carmen De Leon Bonilla
Dan Hammer

Customer Service Closure

Customer Service Closure

Synergy Customer Service will close at 4:00 pm this Wednesday, July 15th for a corporate meeting. The phone lines will reopen Thursday morning, July 16th, at 8:30am (MDT). In the meantime, please feel free to leave a voice message, send an email, or send a text message. Thank you.

Webinar: Maximum Earning Potential Part III

Webinar: Maximum Earning Potential Part III

Join us for our third Maximum Earning Potential webinar on Wednesday, July 15 at 7:00 PM (MST). This will be the last of our 3-part webinar series that provides a detailed explanation regarding Synergy’s compensation plan. This final webinar will provide a comprehensive outline of the Mega-Match bonus, including the best ways to maximize its usage. 
Led by Andrew Earl, Manager of Field Sales and Digital Media, these webinars will be both helpful, and educational, as they illustrate the finer points of Synergy’s compensation plan, allowing each individual to understand and utilize it to their benefit. All are welcome to attend, and we encourage you to invite your team to participate.



Date: Wednesday, July 15
Time: 7:00 PM Mountain Time
Join Zoom Meeting:

Language: English
Can’t make it?:Stay tuned here for an alternative viewing schedule
NOTE: This webinar will feature presentation slides. For the best experience, we recommend you register today to join online. This webinar will be broadcast for educational purposes only. There will be no recordings published or distributed. 

About Andrew Earl

Andrew Earl is the Manager of Field Sales and Digital Media for Synergy WorldWide, and has been with the company for more than 2 years and has 9 years of industry experience. Since joining Synergy, Andrew has undergone his own personal health transformation to discover Elite Health and stays active by playing basketball any chance he gets. He has an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and is currently completing an MBA degree with an emphasis in Marketing. He is helping Synergy Team Members to spread the message of Elite Health through a wide array of tools and digital media content.

Summer Sprint Promotion Winners

Summer Sprint Promotion Winners

Our Summer Sprint Promotion is officially over, and the final scores are in! Congratulations to everyone who participated. These dedicated Team Members sprinted during the month of June and earned their place in the tiers below. Drum roll please as we announce our winners:

TIER 2 WINNERS Dr. Michael Feulner
Roger Husbands
Advanced Body Corrective Center
Reign marketing & Consulting LLC
Noel Richards
Robert Dechiaro
Sandra Brown

TIER 1 WINNERS Cascade Chiropractic of South Dakota
Heather Moore
Dr. Phil Roberts
Wendy Simmons
KC Michigan Group INC.
Carmen M. De Leon Bonilla
Jerome Bell
Owen Bulgin

Again, congratulations to everyone who joined this promotion. To our winners, be sure to contact our friendly Customer Service agents to secure your prizes. Don’t forget to stay updated on our all future promotions and events by checking our digital calendar or downloading our PDF version.

Something New Is Coming…

Something New Is Coming…

From the company that formulated world-changing supplements like ProArgi-9+, Mistica, Biome DTX and more… 
…comes an all-new, revolutionary solution for wellness and Elite Health.

Register today for Synergy North America’s “FEEL the POWER” virtual event. You will be among the first to see and learn about this powerful new product. Additionally, following the event, you will have special access to an invite-only webinar series that will highlight the health and business advantages that come with this new offering. 
Remember, the training webinars will only be available to those who register for “FEEL THE POWER,” so to those who have not-yet-registered: What are you waiting for? 

“Discovering Synergy” Webinar Series

“Discovering Synergy” Webinar Series

Tune in every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM (MST) for a newly updated webinar series during the month of July. This webinar series introduce Synergy WorldWide to new or potential Team Members with an easily accessible video presentation. 
These live webinars, hosted by National Sales Director Josh McKell, will be replacing our weekly calls. Additionally, the first webinar will be recorded and stored in Pulse, your digital back office, in the near future. This webinar series also features new visual content to illustrate the messages discussed. Calling in by phone is an option, however we encourage you to join us through the Zoom link below for the complete experience. 
Simply click HERE
Meeting ID: 182 027 433
Dates: July 7, 14, 21, 28
Time: 7 PM (MST)
By phone: +1 (669) 900 6833 (audio only)

These webinars will occur throughout July and help build our community at Synergy WorldWide. We will also be posting information about each webinar to our Facebook group, and our new Synergy calendar, so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 
We encourage you to set a reminder, invite your team, and get ready to participate in our new “Discovering Synergy” webinar series.