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Leave A Legacy with Synergy WorldWide!

Leave a Legacy of Charity

Leave a Legacy of Charity

basketbrigade4When Dan Higginson founded Synergy WorldWide in 1999, he had a clear vision of what this company would represent. He wanted the people who associated with Synergy to work from their hearts. He wanted to make a difference around the world and give others the opportunity to Leave a Legacy of health and financial freedom.

It’s the perfect time of year to consider how you can help others who are struggling. Many Team Members have considered how they can make a difference and have changed many lives through their actions. What can you do to Leave a Legacy of charity? Focus on what you can do. Small steps turn into miles. No act of charity is ever wasted.

If you are looking for a way to give back, consider donating to 5 Star Legacy Foundation, Synergy’s partner in charity that exists to alleviate the suffering of children, their families, and their communities by breaking the cycle of poverty through literacy, higher education scholarships, and self-reliance through entrepreneurism.

Stories from Team Members throughout Europe have proven that Dan’s vision has turned into a daily reality. Here are a few:

Dora Debeljak, Slovenia

Charity-12376120_10206942567877055_8315610580566509189_nJust in time for Christmas, Dora donated money through a local charity chapter founded by Team Directors Bostjan Pilej and Irena Kladivar, to deliver food, clothing, and hope to those who are struggling during the holiday season. Dora and other Slovenia Team Members raised €1500 to create 100 baskets for families in need. Because of these Team Members’ decision to donate, 33 families who would have gone hungry on Christmas Day will receive a special delivery that includes all of the makings for a beautiful Christmas dinner.

Mirva Martikainen, Finland

Mirva, a nurse and Synergy distributor of four years, experienced her most successful business year in 2015. To celebrate her and her team’s success with Synergy WorldWide, Mirva decided to donate something to a local children’s hospital. She obtained a list of items in various price categories that Finland’s children’s hospitals are in need of. She settled on purchasing an infusion rest chair for child cancer patients so that they can have comfortable place to relax while receiving treatments. As Mirva continues to build her business and find greater financial success, she plans to increase the size and frequency of her donations.

Paul, Kate, and Saxon Flint, United Kingdom
Synergy Team Members Paul and Kate are the full-time supporters of an ambitious, warmhearted, 9-year-old son named Saxon who has made it a hobby to raise money for the less fortunate. His most recent project is raising money to send 10 children to school in Mpongwe, Zambia. By raising just £1,200, these children will receive an education and one meal per day for a year. Saxon also raises money for charities by baking cookies, cakes, and more to sell in bake sales he organizes himself.

We are so touched by the acts of kindness, both big and small, displayed every day by Synergy Team Members. Continue improving lives one charitable act at a time, and you will find the greatest riches the world can offer.

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