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Global Summit 2019 Recap Video

Global Summit 2019 Recap Video

Music. Magic. Motivation. Education. Celebration. Synergy WorldWide’s 20th Anniversary Global Summit was an event of triumph. It was a look at the past, present, and future. It was a milestone for progress. It was an occasion for achievement.

Over the course of a misty November weekend in Korea, several thousand enthusiastic Team Members from across the globe were treated to cultural dance numbers, drum sequences, songs, and a variety of world-class entertainers. Leaders carefully guided the audience through valuable lessons and presentations focused on the future. Team Member performers wowed everyone in attendance at the “Synergy Got Talent” show!

The event concluded with a bang as hundreds of incredible Team Member advancements were recognized amidst fireworks, streamers, bright lights, and blasts of confetti. Each of the following were among the many notable achievements celebrated at the Summit:

• 223 new Team Managers
• 71 Team Directors
• 19 Team Elites
• 14 Pearl Executives
• 2 Emerald Executives
• 3 Diamond Executives
• 2 new Presidential Executives

We sincerely thank all who participated in this monumental summit.
To the performers, the event staff, the presenters, the entertainers, and most importantly, the incredible audience: Thank you!

Relive the excitement of Global Summit with this video recap.
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Bronze Bigger Better Bonus Qualifiers!

Bronze Bigger Better Bonus Qualifiers!

We recently announced an opportunity for new Team Members to earn some extra cash ahead of the new year. The Bronze Bigger Better Bonus is available to anyone who activates his or her Synergy business before the end of December. We would like to extend a special congratulations to each new Team Member who has already qualified for their first bonus:

Silver – $300 Bonus

Claudia Miranda

Bronze – $200 Bonus

Edith Elizabeth Lovato
Carmen Yuliana Acosta
Silvia Flores
Candelaria Chavez

Bonus Details

Synergy North America is offering this special promotional bonus for anyone who activates his or her Synergy business from now through December. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enroll as a new Synergy Team Member in October, November or December 2019.
  2. Achieve the BRONZE pin level: get a $200 bonus! This bonus comes in addition to the standard commissions and bonuses potentially earned.
  3. Achieve an even higher pin level: get a bigger, better bonus! All the way through Team Manager, the cash is yours for the taking.

New Pin Level / Rank Bonus

  • Bronze $200
  • Silver $300
  • Gold $400
  • Team Leader $500
  • Team Manager $1000

A few things to keep in mind:

  • If the new Team Member advances all the way from Bronze to Team Manager before the end of the year, they will earn $2400 total extra cash!
  • The pin level advancements need to be achieved by the newly enrolled Team Member before Jan 1, 2020.
  • This promotion only applies to new Team Members who have enrolled from October 1 through December 31, 2019.

This is a perfect time for existing Team Members to get the future Team Leaders and Team Managers you know into place. It is the perfect time to provide support and encouragement, helping them to build and maximize their Synergy income. Do not miss this limited-time promotion. Let’s finish 2019 in Synergy North America stronger than ever!

For information on rank advancements and pin level requirements, click here to access the Mega-Match Compensation Plan manual. Additional questions? Contact us today!



Congratulations to the hardworking Team Members who have taken their Synergy business to the next level. Just last month, in October 2019, these men and women advanced to new ranks of success in their Synergy business. It is our privilege to recognize them for the time and energy they have invested into reaching their goals, sharing Elite Health and helping people to unlock their potential.

Please join us in congratulating the following Team Members across North America:

Team Leader
Rudia Y. Gee

Jose C. Sanchez
Rudia Y. Gee

Hye Jeung Lee
Claudia Miranda
Jose C. Sanchez
Rudia Y. Gee

Dr. Ken Gearhart
Natalio Y Maria G. Carrillo Sanchez
Otilia Fernandez Yanez
Robert De Chiaro
Hye Jeung Lee
Alfonso Evaristo Melchor
Norma Martinez
Edith Elizabeth Lovato
Carmen Yuliana Acosta
Silvia Flores
Candelaria Chavez

R.W. Partners, Llc
Sakong Lee
Owen P. McCollin
Clyde D. Yoder
Willie Sept
Natalie Flaviana Walle
Dr Ruben Garcia
Amber Matthias
Seong Woon Yun
Norma Martinez
Joanne S. Den Boef
Edith Elizabeth Lovato
Jorge Marte
Carmen Yuliana Acosta
Josefina Lopez
Dr. Michael Shoar
Oscar Alberto Santos
Darrell Griffith
Silvia Flores
Bobby Wilson
Aracely Rodriguez
Candelaria Chavez
Kristen Ortega
Darrell S. Griffith
Mariana Medina
Daniela Lopez
Maria Reyes
Maria Howington
Marylou Gonzales
Melinda Vincent
Josefina Alvarez
Norma Lopez Lopez
Veronica Flores

TOP RECRUITER Team Members with the most personally sponsored Tracking Centers

Bobby De Chiaro
Charlene Burnett
Claudia Miranda
Dr. Jim Sandberg
Dan Hammer
Natalie Walle
Phillip Springer
TOP TEAM BUILDER Team Members with the most personally sponsored rank advancements

Dr. Jim Sandberg
Claudia Miranda
S&R Legacy LLC
Charlene Burnett

New Text Messaging Service

New Text Messaging Service

Want a quick answer to a simple question? Send us a text! Synergy’s Customer Support team is excited to announce a text messaging service enabling you to contact them directly, conveniently, and quickly. Contacting Synergy has never been easier.

Simply send a text, in English or Spanish, to 801.701.8852 during Customer Service operating hours, and one of our agents will promptly reply within just a few minutes.


Ideal text questions may include:

What’s the status of my order?How much commission have I earned?What is my current Pin level?How many of my customers have placed orders this month?When is my Autoship scheduled?What products come in my Autoship order?
If your question requires more detail, the agent may ask to speak with you by phone to more adequately assist you.


  • Please text us using the phone number that you have saved on file for your Synergy account. This will help us to identify you and locate your account information more quickly. If we have no record of the phone number you are using, the agent will ask to verify your identity prior to assisting you.
  • This text messaging service does not replace our regular customer service phone lines. A phone call is appropriate for discussing more detailed topics such as processing a new enrollment.
  • Avoid sending private information (i.e. social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc.) via text message. We will not send or ask you to send private information in a text message. Protecting your personal information is very important to us. If a conversation requires the disclosure of secure information, the agent will request to connect with you on a phone call.
  • By participating in this texting service, only you may initiate a text conversation. Our agents will only reply to a message they receive. You are not opting into an ongoing messaging service.
  • Text messages that we receive outside of our normal business hours will be answered the following business day.
  • Standard message and data rates may apply based upon your personal cell carrier’s text message plan.