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Scan QR Code for Instant Access to Purify Guide

Scan QR Code for Instant Access to Purify Guide

Be on the lookout for a QR code card in your Purify Kit. This QR code is a convenient portal to the digital Purify Guide. Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone, and voila! You’ll be taken directly to your online resource for Purify success.

To see the online Purify Guide and learn more about the Purify program, please visit

Microbiome Product Spotlight: Biome DTX

Microbiome Product Spotlight: Biome DTX

Biome DTX packs a punch by utilizing three distinct pathways to provide breakthrough purification. With a selection of powerful ingredients like sodium copper chlorophyllin, broccoli flowers, inulin, glutamine, psyllium, and zinc, Biome DTX is the go-to drink for digestion, microbiome balance, and healthy elimination. This patent-pending formula even assists with the removal of heavy metals from the body.

Right now, save over $70 when you order the 4-pack of Biome DTX! Once you’ve tried it, you’ll want it on hand at all times.

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Quality Assurance Webinar: Wednesday, March 27

Quality Assurance Webinar: Wednesday, March 27

Tune in for a special quality assurance webinar on Wednesday, March 27! Join Trent McCausland, Executive Director of Quality and Engineering, along with host Jake Rothfels, Synergy’s Sr. Marketing Manager, for an exclusive look into Synergy’s testing and manufacturing processes. Trent will illustrate our competitive edge with an in-depth look at our advanced technology, equipment, and procedures in our manufacturing facility.

Register today and invite your team and customers to join the webinar. This is a great opportunity to gain additional knowledge and a unique perspective of our tried and true quality assurance methods.



Date: Wednesday, March 27
Time: 2 PM (MST) -OR- 7 PM (MST)
2 PM Registration URL:
7 PM Registration URL:
Language: English

NOTE: This webinar will feature presentation slides. For the best experience, we recommend you register today to join online. This webinar will be broadcast for educational purposes only. There will be no recordings published or distributed.

We’re Seeing Green – New Liquid Chlorophyll Fact Video

We’re Seeing Green – New Liquid Chlorophyll Fact Video

Not only are we wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day, we’re drinking it too!

Check out this informative video featuring everyone’s favorite cleansing green drink. It’s an easy video to watch and share, highlighting the basic details and powerful benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll, along with the Synergy commitment to quality.

Shop Liquid Chlorophyll
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Click here for the Spanish video.

February 2019 Rank Advancements

February 2019 Rank Advancement

Congratulations to the hardworking Team Members who have taken their Synergy business to the next level. Last month, these men and women advanced to new ranks of success in their Synergy business. It is our privilege to recognize them for the time and energy they have invested into reaching their goals, sharing Elite Health and helping people to unlock their potential.

Please join us in congratulating the following Team Members across North America:

Kayla Davidson
Keeclean Management Inc.
Angel Ramos

Angel Ramos

Ashley Dockham
Virginai Sconyers
Dyann Schmidt
S&R Legacy Llc
Angel Ramos
Roberto Bonilla
Heber Isai Reyna Lemus

Peggy Cummings
Factor Enterprises Ltd
Edgar Afuang
Angel Ramos
Roberto Bonilla
Jonatan & Melanie Ramos
Daniel Solis
Heber Isai Reyna Lemus
Martin Reina
Zandra Y Oscar Portillo
Mercedes Lemus
Juan Rafael Lopez
William A Castellanos Hernandez
Jesus Garcia
Veronica Garcia Bravo
Idalia Castellanos
Tyrone Alexander Applewhaite
Santos Leonel Yax Solis
Pablo Ivan Sanchez
Natalio Y Maria G. Carrillo Sanchez
Arm Networks Llc
Robin Francis
Joel Francis
Rhesajoy Francis

TOP RECRUITER Team Members with the most personally sponsored Tracking Centers

Angel Ramos
Roberto Bonilla
Arm Networks LLC
Global Networks LLC, Bmtmm
Heber Isai Reyna Lemus
Edgar Afuang
Edwin Kerner
TOP TEAM BUILDER Team Members with the most personally sponsored rank advancements

Bmtmm Global Networks LLC
Angel Ramos
Roberto Bonilla
S&R Legacy LLC
Robin Francis
Mary Blakley

INFOGRAPHIC: The Microbiome Breach

INFOGRAPHIC: The Microbiome Breach

This shareable infographic highlights three unfriendly chemical factors that add stress to our microbiomes. Recognizing these stressors in our lifestyles can help us make positive lifestyle decisions that will help our bodies function properly and efficiently.

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The Biome Core Kit

The Biome Core Kit

Monthly microbiome care for Elite Health.

The microbiome is at the core of your health. This complex ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, and microflora lives within each of us, impacting virtually every system in the human body. More and more, exciting scientific discoveries are showing that the way you feel and function can improve as you care for your microbiome core.

After careful research and clinical study, the Synergy Medical and Scientific Advisory Board recommends the regular intake of healthy foods, regular exercise, and Synergy’s unique line of supplements to improve the way you feel, the way you function, to help manage your weight, and to improve your overall health.

Enjoy the powerful formulas of Biome DTX, Biome Shake, and Biome Actives in this convenient monthly kit. Follow the Biome Core program, including the food and exercise guidelines, to experience the benefits stemming from the microbiome—the core of your health.



• 2 Biome Shakes (600 G canisters)
• 2 Biome DTX (30 packet boxes)
• 1 Biome Actives (90 capsules)


Monthly Microbiome Care: Each day, replace one meal with Biome Shake, enjoy two packets of Biome DTX, and remember to take three capsules of Biome Actives.
Tip: For best results, have extra Biome Shake on hand so that you are always ready to replace an unhealthy meal
Throughout the month, when choosing meals, select foods low in sugar and carbohydrates. Instead, incorporate vegetables, lean proteins, and fiber as the chief components of your diet.

For food plan recommendations and guidelines, please review the Biome Core Guide here.


The Biome Core Kit is a perfect option for a monthly autoship order. Ordering Biome DTX, Biome Shake, and Biome Actives in this combination gives you and your customers a savings of $49 when compared to purchasing each product a la carte.

Your microbiome is powerful, and therefore, so are you. Give your biome this potent monthly care and enjoy the benefits. There has never been a better time to start than now.


Updated Hughes Center Tour Video

Updated Hughes Center Tour Video

Take a tour of The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, where Synergy WorldWide doctors and scientists test ingredients and finished products for safety, efficacy, and bioavailability. Home to powerful clinical studies, including the groundbreaking discoveries from the ProArgi-9+ clinical study, the Hughes Center gives Synergy the scientific backing and product validation needed to carry out its mission throughout the world.

Watch the new video above or find it under the “Videos” tab on the Blog.

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