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Download the SLMsmart App for FREE

Download the SLMsmart App for FREE

The SLMsmart App that guided many SLMsmart 90-day Challenge participants to total body transformations is now available to you at NO COST.


Search SLMsmart in your smart device’s app store and install. It takes only seconds and you’ll immediately have all the tools you need to take the SLMsmart Challenge and work toward healthier

The SLMsmart App includes:

  • Detailed meal plans
  • Grocery lists
  • Delicious breakfast, lunch & dinner recipes
  • SLMsmart Health Shake recipes
  • Workout routines based on activity level
  • Progress tracker

All of the fitness and diet plans found in the app were created by Drew Manning, author of the bestselling book Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit, and his wife Lynn Manning who is a women’s health coach. Together, they compiled tasty recipes and fun workouts plans that you will look forward to.

CLICK HERE to see results form the SLMsmart 90-day Challenge.

Managing your weight is a FREE download away!

Synergy Holiday Closure

Synergy Holiday Closure


On Friday, July 3 Synergy WorldWide’s corporate office, store, and Customer Service department will be closed in observance of the U.S. Independence Day Holiday.

As a reminder, product orders can be placed through Synergy Pulse. Normal business hours will resume on Monday, July 6.

Due to the holiday, the last day to backdate orders to June is July 2, 2015. Final bonus will run Monday, July 5 at 9 a.m.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at (801) 769-7800.

2015 SLMsmart Challenge Runner-up Tommy Bethards

 SLMsmart Challenge Runner-up Tommy Bethards

Amazing men and women participated in the SLMsmart 90-day Challenge beginning February 2015. Participants all over the United States dedicated themselves to take big strides toward healthy living. Synergy WorldWide was honored to provide each participant with the necessary tools for healthy, maintainable weight management. The Challenge results were terrific, and the challenge participants’ success with SLMsmart will influence many around the world.

2nd Place Winner:

TOMMY BETHARDS of Sacramento, California won a $2,500 prize for second place. Tommy lost more than 55 lbs. and 23% of his starting body weight. Tommy submitted the following:
“When I heard about Synergy’s 90-day Challenge, a desire to take control of my life was ignited. I set out on a journey determined to reach my goal of actually becoming fit—to build muscle and see a transformation instead of just being less fat. It wasn’t always easy, but I strictly followed every workout provided by the 90-day Challenge and incorporated Synergy’s life-changing products every day. The SLMsmart Shake, ProArgi-9+, e9 and Body Cleanse became staples during these three months. Aside from the number on the scale, I saw a transformation in my physique. I finally saw muscle I never thought I had! And most importantly, I feel good in my skin. I have my confidence and energy back, and I feel like a new person inside and out. My life has turned 180 degrees and I couldn’t be more grateful to Synergy for providing the medium to get me to where I am today. This is the first step in not only changing my life, but hopefully helping many others do the same.”

Check back next Friday to see the 1st place winner’s unbelievable results.

First Elite Honors Club Qualifiers

 First Elite Honors Club Qualifiers

One of Synergy North America’s most powerful announcements was made earlier this month at the Business Builders Conference in Salt Lake City. Distributors from across the United States witnessed the launch of the Elite Honors Club, a business-building system that mathematically maximizes the revenue made through your Synergy business and naturally transitions your business from a startup to a powerful residual income machine.

For more information about Elite Honors and the Go Elite Promotion, click here.

We would like to congratulate the following Team Members for already being qualified in the month of June. Welcome to the Elite Honors Club!

Barry Petrina, Blauvelt, New York
Dan Hammer, West Chicago, Illinois
Dane Iorg, Highland, Utah
Heather Lambert, Carmillo, California
Jean Lavallie, Downers Grove, Illinois
Joe Napoli, Middletown, New Jersey
Pamela Krajnik, Nampa, Idaho
Steve & Roxanne Seely, Pleasant Grove, Utah

We are also keeping a close eye on many of you that are very close to being Elite Honors qualified. Below is our watch list. We strongly encourage you to close the month strong and become Elite Honors qualified. You are almost there! Set this goal for yourself and make it happen.

Matt Lewis, Orem, Utah
Evtech Media, Lindon, Utah
David N. Sim, Boise, Idaho
Kerry Heitkotter, Northbrook Illinois
Gerri Bingham, Mesa, Arizona
Mark Comer, Highland, Utah
I. Carol Priem, Mesa, Arizona
Corrine Brandi, Contuit, Massachusetts
Dawn Bruce, Temecula, California
Alex Medin, Middletown, California
Lillian C. Vergin, West Valley City, Utah
Ken & Mary Richeaux, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Lor Pace, Layton, Utah
Pete Miller, Delta, Colorado
Elia Talboy, Washougal, Washington
David Munoz, Bolingbrook, Illinois
Gwen Brown, Temecula, California
Paul Blad & Rudy Pedroza, Enumclaw, Washington
Dr. Jim Sandberg, Simi Valley, California

June 2015 Synergy Opportunity Webinar

Synergy Opportunity Webinar

Shane Greer, North America’s General Manager, will be debuting the new Synergy Opportunity presentation for this month’s corporate call. This presentation will take you through the new messaging platforms Elite Health and Elite Wealth and then dive into everything you need to know about the Elite Honors program and Go Elite promotion.

Webinar registration
Webinar ID: 123-866-867

If joining only by phone
US Phone: +1 (646) 307-1716
Access Code: 251-185-622

Canada Phone:+1 (647) 497-9409
Access Code: 251-185-622


Introduced to the enthusiastic attendees of the 2015 Business Builder Conference, the Synergy Opportunity presentation is the ultimate tool for sharing the many benefits that accompany being a Synergy Team Member. This presentation also lays out Elite Honors and the Go Elite Promotion, which are designed to simplify the direction of Team Member activity and make residual income a reality.

Each of you is encouraged to invite guests so that as many people as possible can discover the power of Synergy!

Don’t forget to tune in this Thursday!

SLMsmart Challenge Runner-up Justin Hall

SLMsmart Challenge Runner-up Justin Hall

Amazing men and women participated in the SLMsmart 90-day Challenge beginning February 2015. Participants all over the United States dedicated themselves to take big strides toward healthy living. Synergy WorldWide was honored to provide each participant with the necessary tools for healthy, maintainable weight management. The Challenge results were terrific, and the challenge participants’ success with SLMsmart will influence many around the world.

3rd Place Winner:

JUSTIN HALL of Pleasant Grove, Utah, won the $2,500 prize for third place. He lost 46 lbs. and 22% of his starting body weight. In his words:
“I have never been successful at dieting and honestly didn’t expect to last the first month with this Challenge. The Facebook page helped to keep me motivated. The [SLMsmart] Health Shake is delicious and the products in the SLMsmart pack work perfectly together. The meal plans never left me hungry and I was always amazed at how simple a delicious meal could be. Lynn and Drew Manning’s coaching was perfect. The workouts were challenging, but not frustrating, and left me able to complete my day without feeling sore and tired. Now that I have detoxed my body, I enjoy eating healthy food more than ever! I feel great, I look great, and I am excited to continue living healthy and teaching my children about health eating. I started this competition at 202 lbs. I am proud to say I have lost 22% of my body weight, ending the Challenge at 156 lbs.! That would not have been possible without the 90-day SLMsmart Challenge. Thank you Synergy!”

Check back next Friday to see the 2nd place winner’s unbelievable results.

IAM Cycling to compete in le Tour de France

IAM Cycling to compete in le Tour de France

What started as a publicity stunt in 1903 for a struggling sports newspaper has grown into an electrifying international event watched by an estimated 3.5 billion people around the world each year. This year, le Tour de France will draw more than 200 participants, a far cry from the original 15 racers in 1903. While more than 2 million euros in total prize money up for grabs, the real prize is in conquering one of the greatest physical feats of the modern age.
Currently on this road to victory is IAM Cycling, a Synergy-sponsored team who is wrapping up months of intense training in preparation for the first stage that begins on July 4 in Utrecht, Netherlands. This is the second time IAM Cycling has competed in le Tour de France. IAM Cycling athletes trust Synergy’s products to maximize their performance on training days and race days throughout the grueling preparation in months preceding this elite competition.

“In order to race with the best, our bodies need to be balanced. Aside from a healthy diet and hard training sessions, I find in Synergy what helps me achieve my goals.” – Heinrich Haussler, professional cyclist, IAM Cycling

We invite you to cheer on Team IAM Cycling as they race toward victory July 4-26!

The IAM Cycling team joined the professional ranks in January 2013 and is composed of 30 passionate riders from countries all over Europe. These cyclists have been battling through dozens of races this summer through concerning injuries and joyful victories. Some of them have set cycling records and are recognized in the international cycling world.

To learn more about Team IAM Cycling and its riders, click here.

Take a Tour of the Hughes Center

Take a Tour of the Hughes Center

Synergy WorldWide proudly continues its legacy of innovation with the opening of The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation. This facility was designed with the goal of unlocking the power of nature to combat health mega-trends driven by poor diet and lifestyle choices through natural, nutritionally therapeutic products.

Now you can get an inside look at the Hughes Center from anywhere in the world. We encourage you to share this video and show others how Synergy is changing the way nutritional supplements are developed! Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Matthew Tripp will introduce the Hughes Center and then you’ll be lead from room to room to see what our scientists are up to.


  • 5,400 sq. ft. of office, laboratory and clinical space
  • Chemistry Laboratory – Providing quantitative analysis and identification of phytochemicals in herbal samples
  • Tissue Culture Laboratory – Determining how natural compounds interact with biological models
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology Laboratory – Examining how phytochemicals affect the molecular mechanisms of wellness concerns
  • 4 PhD researchers, 2 Medical Doctors and additional scientists
  • Licensed clinical study monitor

Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

Buy 2 Get 1 Free!
With the launch of the Elite Wealth platform, we’ve created new sales tools that you can use to tell others about Synergy’s financial opportunities.
The new and improved Opportunity Tear-off Pad was created to be used as the center of any Synergy business conversation. Reference this tool for easy talking points during an in-person presentation. When you’ve finished your presentation, tear a sheet off of the pad and give it to your contact so that they can remember the important points you shared with them about their financial future.

Opportunity Tear-off Pads are Buy 2 Get 1 Free through July 15, 2015!

Use promotion code “Builder15” at checkout to take advantage of this special! There is no limit to how many you can purchase.