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Synergy’s best-selling product is coming to you FREE today with every $150 purchase made over the phone. Choose a box of 30 Mixed Berry, Citrus Berry, Grape or even ACTIVE single-serving packets, but remember: phone lines open at 8:30 AM, and close today at 5 PM. Don’t miss this special offer– call 801-769-7800. Our friendly agents will be standing by!

Happy Holidays from Synergy Customer Service

Happy Holidays from Synergy Customer Service

Happy Holidays from all of us at Synergy WorldWide Customer Service. We hope that during this holiday season you are able to enjoy time with family and friends as you bring in the New Year!

In order for us to enjoy this Holiday Season as well, we will be closed the following days:

  1. Monday December 26 – 27 for Christmas
  2. Monday January 2 for New Years

Please be sure to take these closures into account as you contact Customer Service to make any necessary orders in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you all the best over this holiday season!

Customer Service
Synergy WorldWide

FLASH SALE! Perfect for the new year

FLASH SALE! Perfect for the new year

Start the new year with an effective-yet-gentle cleanse, and a steady supply of delicious meal replacement shakes to kick start a more fit and healthy 2017!

You can click to learn more about SLMsmart Body Cleanse and SLMsmart Health Shake, but remember,  this week’s flash sale savings are for orders made over-the-phone only. Our friendly agents will be standing by starting at 8:30 a.m. today and tomorrow!



Ready to rake in the holiday savings? Synergy North America will be hosting DAILY FLASH-SALE SPECIALS next week, from Monday, December 19 through Friday the 23rd.

Don’t miss a sale! To find out the flash sale of the day:

  1. Check the Synergy WorldWide Blog
  2. Follow the Synergy Facebook Page
  3. Or call the Synergy Customer Service Agents at 801-769-7800

NOTE: These offers will not be available online. Instead, all flash sale orders will be taken by phone.

Customer service hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. MST so place your order during those hours to take advantage of these great offers! Specials will go live at 8 a.m. each morning!

Synergy Customer Service: (801) 769-7800

Happy Holidays from all of us at Synergy and best wishes for an incredible new year!

Upcoming Elite Honors Webinar

Upcoming Elite Honors Webinar

The year is coming to a close and Synergy is looking forward to an exciting new year!

Come join the North America General Manager, Shane Greer, on Wednesday, December 14th for a special webinar discussing our modifications and enhancements to the Elite Honors program and the Go Elite Bonus for 2017. This webinar will begin at 7pm MST and will bring our Team Members in North America up to date on all the updated programs and promotions that Synergy will be offering.

To register, click the button below and fill out the necessary information. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing instructions and more information.


Date: Wednesday, December 14th
Time: 7.30 p.m. MST
Webinar ID: 454-353-875

We look forward to having you join us!

November 2016 Elite Honors Qualifiers

November 2016 Elite Honors Qualifiers

Elite Honors has the power to maximize each Team Member’s earning potential. Team Members following the program are also seeing the rewards made possible through the Go Elite promotion as they continue doing what they’ve been doing all along—building their Synergy businesses.

Congratulations to the November 2016 qualifiers!

9x and Above Qualifiers
Qualify 9 out of 12 months and receive a unique 9x qualifier pin and an Elite Honors jacket. 

David Johnston
Dan Hammer
Dane Iorg
Kyle Roger Carter
Paul Blad & Rudy Pedroza
David Munoz
Michael Burnett
Dr. Charina Holmes
Sandra Kerner
Gwen Brown
Margie Dean
Brad Burnett
Eva Miller
Robert  Wischmeier
Cliff Rosang
Joy Matwyshen
Anna Bergman
Dr. David Sim
Willa F. Holgate
Alex Medin
Michael Quigg
Heath Johnston
Lise Quigg
Tompkins, Bonnie
Dr. Lyle Marcus-Love
Daniel Mcnabb
Kim Kanazawa
Scott Rosang
Marion Szcesny
Dr. Prendergast
Richard Hartley
Reed Burnett
Brent Burnett
Joel Estrellado
Mary Blakley
Dr Patrick Mccuaig
Sarah Harms
Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer
Dr Glenn Clearie
Nathan Fowers
Tommy Bethards
Patrick Harms
Daniel Driedger
Dr. Jack Kucheran
Jared Chadburn
Carole Burnett

3x Qualifiers
Qualify 3 out of 12 months and receive an Elite Honors Club card, which can be used for a number of event perks, including VIP registration, special product promotions, and more! 

Steve Harris
Duke Duccini
Dr. Ruben  Garcia
Dr. Michael  Rouhana
Lori Burnett
Jean Chesley
Kassie Shepe
Samantha  Smuthers
Martin Nolter
Dawn Huiet
Pacific Star Technology Remittance Inc

1x Qualifiers
Qualify for Elite Honors 1 out of 12 months and receive an Elite Honors pin, recognition letter, and online recognition.

Dr. Jim Sandberg
Dr David  Sommer
Eva  De Santiago
Innovative Health Solutions
Dr. Ardie Singh
Sun hi Cole
Jessica Gambill
Dr. Randy Frigaard
Ron Wick
Miles Carter
Jared Fenn
Elena  Davis
Nina Burnett
Kurt Thomas
Billy Akillano
Wandie Drake
Alejandro Zurita

To learn more about Elite Honors and the Go Elite Promotion, click here.

We are seeing great activity in November already. Let’s keep the momentum going! Train your team on the importance of becoming Elite Honors qualified through the Synergy Opportunity Webinar as you achieve this highly sought after title yourself. Can’t wait to see the success that this month brings.

Congratulations to everyone who has achieved Elite Honors so far and a special congratulations to those who have achieved Elite Honors multiple times. We are impressed by your work ethic and belief, and encourage you to continue leading by example.