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New ProArgi-9+ Brochure Available for Purchase

New ProArgi-9+ Brochure Available for Purchase

pa9brochureBrand new to Synergy’s line of sales tools is the completely updated ProArgi-9+ brochure! Replace your old marketing materials with this sleek and informative tool all about Synergy WorldWide’s bestselling product.

Purchase your supply of these brochures today!


1 25-pack: $8.75
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What you’ll learn:

  • Product science, benefits, and quality
  • Purpose and function of ProArgi-9+ ingredients
  • Flavors, number of servings per container, and cost


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New Team Manager: David Davidson

New Team Manager: David Davidson

teammanager-daviddPrior to becoming a Synergy Team Member, David owned the largest independent car dealership in Florida before the economic decline in 2008. As he moved from company to company, he committed to Synergy in October of 2015 and hasn’t looked back.

David has been involved in network marketing for over 20 years. His professional accomplishments span a large range of companies and personal networks.

“My friends and colleagues have seen me work with a lot of different companies, but they all tell me that they’ve never seen me work with any business like I have with Synergy,” David said.

When David’s friends and acquaintances see his dedication to Synergy, they became curious. This has led them to learn more about Synergy, and David is confident in sharing Synergy’s credibility and history. David said that Synergy’s 15 years in business, its fantastic products, its impeccable customer service, and its Nature’s Sunshine Products backing, are the reasons he plans to stay with Synergy for many more years.

The success David has seen with Synergy stems not only from his hard work, but the people he has been able to work with. David praises his sponsor Bart Woodcock for helping him achieve his current success. David also praises Synergy Founder Dan Higginson for their countless conversations, which solidified David’s firm belief in Dan as a leader.

The future of David’s Synergy business looks incredibly promising, and the legacy that he hopes to leave is as ambitious as it is charitable.

“I’d like to help others,” David said. “To help them achieve better health, and better wealth. There are a lot of people around the world who are hurting, and I can honestly say that being able to help others is the hope I have. When I found Synergy, I found a perfect vehicle that will allow us the opportunity to help those who are in need.”

David and his wife like to give back as much as they can. They donate to charities regularly and hope to open a food bank in the future.

Synergy is proud to congratulate David on advancing to the title of Team Manager and we are excited to see how his business continues to grow in the future.

IAM Cycling Athletes Fuel 2016 Season with Synergy

IAM Cycling Athletes Fuel 2016 Season with Synergy

iam-v3Professional cyclists can never train enough. They train constantly to maintain and build both muscle and endurance. Even a few weeks off the bike can cost them in a race.

Synergy sponsored Swiss professional cycling team IAM Cycling is finding their footing this season and its riders are frequently claiming podium titles. Of course, there are crashes, injuries, and failures, too, but these elite athletes continue pushing and digging deep to give their best performances. Many of them trust Synergy products to get them through all of it.

Two IAM Cycling athletes spoke up about their love for cycling and for Synergy products. See what they had to say:

Dries Devenyns, Belgium

dries devenyns“When at races, the team provides us with a few Synergy products. Most of the time I use Phytolife and Mistify … they give me a good feeling, especially the Phytolife. It helps to maintain the digestive function of the body. We have to eat so much to provide the body with enough energy. It’s a bit like putting oil in a car I would say.

The hardest thing about cycling for me is the big stage races that are three weeks long. It’s hard to recover in between the races. Time flies by and in the third week fatigue hits really big. Overall, food is really important to refuel and it’s best to eat good quality food. The vitamins and minerals in Mistfy can help a lot. Quality food is vital for an athlete! Synergy offers great quality products, I would advise anyone to use them.”

David Tanner, Australia

david tanner“There are a few things together that make me love cycling so much—the training side, the racing side and team spirit, the beautiful places we get to see and ride through, and always striving for improvement and excellence.

Cycling has its highs and lows. Some days can be so hard with horrible weather and hilly terrain. Others can be a pleasure to ride your bike in. Regardless, we need to keep ourselves healthy and in recovery so that we can keep pushing the next day. I feel the Synergy products assist with this immensely, especially with immune system health. I don’t have a favorite Synergy product because I think they are all good and equally important!

For any professional athlete, the quality of nutrition is of upmost importance, not only to assist in health and recovery, but also to assist in peace of mind that the products are clean and safe to take! This is the reason our team chooses to use Synergy products.”

New Triple Presidential Executive: Mark Comer

New Triple Presidential Executive: Mark Comer

triple-markcomerPrior to joining Synergy WorldWide, Mark founded several companies in multiple industries, and became a millionaire in 5 different business sectors. He has been involved in the creation of multiple entrepreneurial initiatives and venture-capitalized startups located on every continent. Mark has ridden motorcycles, surfed or played in a rock band on nearly every continent. He is a best-selling author, philanthropist, business strategist, and entrepreneur expert.

Though Mark has started and contributed to more than 50 businesses in his lifetime, he maintains that his most rewarding enterprise is with Synergy WorldWide. Mark’s Synergy career began as a distributor in 2002 after founder Dan Higginson introduced him to the budding company. This was Mark’s first and last network marketing company. Since their conversation, Synergy has grown exponentially. In the summer of 2008, Mark became the first Double Presidential Executive in Synergy history. And in March of 2016, he and his partner Yun Tae Hwang became the first-ever Triple Presidential Executives.

Mark is still heavily involved in the handful of his own companies, promoting everything from fundraising to sunflower seeds to medical devices; however, Mark said he finds a way to make all of his business ventures tie into his Synergy business. Synergy is at the center of his success.

During the Internet boom, Mark started an online mall that he said was one of his most exciting business ventures. The company was a huge success, but, looking back, Mark realizes he didn’t have the same satisfaction then that he currently finds in his Synergy business.

“The Synergy business is a personal business,” Mark said. “You are helping people on such a personal level to change their health, change their family’s health, and you are giving them the opportunity to create a livelihood for their family unlike anything else they’ve ever done before.”

In Mark’s mind, Synergy’s corporate team “gets it,” which means everyone from Customer Service to the president understands that the key to success is supplying distributors and customers with the tools necessary to succeed. Distributors have the vehicle to find success, they just need to jump in and drive, he said. He encourages distributors to expect hard work, but to also expect unimaginable rewards as a result. With Synergy, the Team Member dictates the level of success they want to achieve.

“I met a girl a few years ago that told me she would become a Presidential Executive,” Mark said. “She worked really hard and two years later she did it. That’s more exciting to me than anything I’ve ever done. It’s about what people have been able to do in my organization and their life-changing experiences.”

Mark is one of 14 Team  Members who rank advanced to a new executive pin title in March. He and his business partner Yun Tae Hwang broke new ground as they achieved a title that has never been achieved before: Triple Presidential Executive. CLICK HERE to read more.

Explosive Recognition Month for Synergy Executives

Explosive Recognition Month for Synergy Executives

blog-triplepresidentials-enIt’s official. Synergy’s growth has caused two leaders to earn a title that has never been achieved before—Triple Presidential.

Congratulations, to Mr. Yun Tae Hwang of Korea and Mr. Mark Comer of the U.S., for being the first to reach this monumental level of success! These men have been with Synergy since the beginning, and they both agree that their time spent with Synergy has been the most rewarding of their careers.

This means that Mr. Hwang and Mr. Comer have more than 1.2 million CV on their weak leg volume. This is an unprecedented feat—one that Synergy WorldWide and its founder, Dan Higginson, hoped would one day become a reality.

In addition to recognizing Synergy’s first Triple Presidential Executives, 12 additional Team Members hit new executive titles for a total of 14 executive rank advancements in a single month. This is a Synergy WorldWide record! Click the blue button to visit our executive recognition site and learn more about these impressive leaders.


We commend the following individuals for the hard work they’ve put in to reach their goals:

Presidential Executive
Takashi Oda, Japan

Diamond Executive
Jeong Yoo Tae, Korea

Emerald Executive
Sachiko Watanabe, Japan
Satomi Yoshida, Japan
Yui Oishi, Japan

Pearl Executive
Robert Suppan, Austria
Seo Yeon Ho, Korea
Park Sun Kyoung, Korea
Lee Soo Yeon & Shin Kyoung-Ho, Korea
Koko K.K., Japan
Shunei Yamaoka, Japan
Hironao Tachibana, Japan

The buzz around the world about Synergy’s unified and strategic future is generating excitement like never before, and it’s showing in their business building activity. We look forward to seeing many more Team Members move up the ranks to executive levels in 2016!

TriAction Webinar Recording

TriAction Webinar Recording

Special thanks to Dianne Leavitt for participating in this webinar!
Remember, you can get the TriAction system at over 15% off if you order before April 25. Every order will come with a free bottle of Elemence Cleansing Foam too, making it a great value just in time for Mother’s Day!

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TriAction Eye Concentrate™ is a unique eye area treatment that targets all visible signs of aging to achieve a beautiful, contoured appearance. Crow’s feet seem to vanish, firmness is restored, dark circles fade away, and puffiness diminishes.

TriAction Skin Serum™ targets expression lines and wrinkles with fast-acting and long-term benefits to achieve a smooth, even skin surface. Your skin will look younger and feel healthier. So relax and keep smiling.

TriAction Skin Complex™ targets noticeable aging, helping your skin achieve a lifted, firm appearance with essential vitamins, collagen stimulants, and hydrating compounds. As resiliency is enhanced and firmness improves, your skin will receive a youthful boost.

For more information, contact Customer Service today.

March 2016 Elite Honors Qualifiers

March 2016 Elite Honors Qualifiers

elitehonors-club-blogheaderTeam Members are charging full steam ahead in pursuit of becoming Elite Honors qualified for the first time or maintaining the Elite Honors title. The Elite Honors program is streamlining the way organizations do business with Synergy WordWide while maximizing each Team Member’s earning potential. Team Members following the program are seeing the extra rewards that are made possible through the Go Elite promotion as they continue doing what they’ve been doing all along—building their Synergy businesses.

Congratulations to the March 2016 qualifiers!

Qualify for Elite Honors 1 out of 12 months and receive an Elite Honors pin, recognition letter, and online recognition. Qualify 3 out of 12 months and receive an Elite Honors Club Card, which can be used for a number of event perks, including VIP registration, special product promotions, and more!

10x Qualifiers
David Johnston
Dan Hammer
Steve & Roxanne Seely
Mark Comer

9x Qualifiers
Dianne Sandberg

8x Qualifiers
Dane Iorg
Paul Blad & Rudy Pedroza
Lor Pace
Michael Burnett
K. Roger Carter

7x Qualifiers
David Munoz

6x Qualifiers
Daniel Priem
Belva Snow
Dr. Charina Holmes
Margie Dean
Sandra Kerner

5x Qualifiers
Sandra Rangel
Judy Feldhausen
Brad Burnett

4x Qualifiers
Gerri Bingham
Susan Bober
Jean Lavallie
Dan Schellkopf
Tammy Hester
Daniel J. McNabb
Matt Lewis
Dwayne Loberg

3x Qualifiers
Dr. Prendergast
Pete Miller
Evan Miller
Robert Wischmeier
Joy Matwyshen
Twila F. Hostetler
Mary Blakley
Anna Bergman
Dr. David Sim
Dr. Patrick McCuaig
Willa F. Holgate
Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer
Alex Medin
Michelle Morrison
Dr. Katheline Nash
Michael Quigg
Heath Johnston
Monte R. Stamper
Dr. Lyle Marcus-Love
Lise Quigg
Bonnie Tompkins
Kim Kanazawa
Scott Rosang
Dr. Joel
Dr. Fred Gardner
Marion Sczesny
Dr. Derek Southers

2x Qualifiers
Thomas Bethards
Brenda and Gary Smestad
Nicole McNamara
Dr. Brian K. Workman
Janice Marie Smith
Richard M. Hartley
Reed Burnett
Brent Burnett
Joel Estrellado
Patrick Harms
Richard Matwyshen
Kerry Heitkotter
Rosi T. Moosman
Daniel Driedger
Linda Hanson
Dawn Bruce
Dr. Bruce Lewandowski
Sarah Hars
Judith Allen
Dr. Glenn Clearie
Dr. Tom Wachtmann
Dr. Nelson Kraucak
Chris Chadburn
Gary Burnett
Virginia Dean
Brandon Lewis
John Williams
Brianda Garcia
Dr. Gumm
Dr. Anthony Bianchi
Andrea Tesch
DJ Jacobsen
Joe Brach
Ben Bills
Tiffany Burnett

1x Qualifiers
Nell Lewis
David Davidson
William D. Styles
Roger & Deanna Hawkins
Lois Pedersen
Thu-Phuong Nguyen
Jacquelyn Bartlett
Ron & Bonita Dyck
Dr. Don Salyer
Dr. Corey Gray
Erc Poland
Janie Vincent
David Miller
Shelby Evans
Arnold Brod
Josh Waldner
Kyle Goss
Dr. Sarah Littlefiel
John Paystrup
Michael T. Jacobsen
Rick Cox
Irma Wengerd
Emilia Eiras
Dr. Dennis Meador
Kelly Fennelly
Dr. Jeff Lissenden
Marty Robbins
Israel Munoz
Tyson Banner
Christopher Sanchez
Mike Macomber
Jeff Lupo
Patricia Butkovich
Mira Kim
Greg Tomlinson
Dwayne Chapman
Stan and Nadia Harris
Anthony Intini III
Thernell Mills
Austin Bianchi
Robert H. Grant
Kevin A. Thompson
Dr. Mike Margolies
Lillian Berreth
Dr. Jimmy Yen
Melissa Gardner
Dr. Shane Huber
Susan Bianchi
Richard Hiler
Wande Diakite
Dr. Roy Hall
Calvin Godfrey
Dr. Terry Tolle

To learn more about Elite Honors and the Go Elite Promotion, click here.

We are seeing great activity in April. Let’s keep the momentum going! Train your team on the importance of becoming Elite Honors qualified through the Synergy Opportunity Webinar as you achieve this highly sought after title yourself. Can’t wait to see the success that this month brings.

Congratulations to everyone who has achieved Elite Honors so far and a special congratulations to those who have achieved Elite Honors multiple times. We are impressed by your work ethic and belief, and we thank you for the examples you are to all those working toward building their Synergy businesses.

March 2016 Recognition

March 2016 Recognition

recognition_pins_headerMarch 2016

Congratulations to the following Team Members throughout the United States and Canada. We look forward to your continued triumphs this year!

Rank Advancements

Triple Presidential Executive
Mark Comer

Team Manager
Mikayla Clark
David Davidson

Team Leader
Dr. Gumm
Dwayne Chapman

Melanie Quigg
Dr. Gumm
Dr. Fred Gardner
Dwayne Chapman

Dr. Gumm
Dr. Fred Gardner
Dwayne Chapman

Mike Macomber
Steven Gresham
Dwayne Chapman
Dr. Stan Harris
Kevin A. Thompson
Melissa Gardner
Susan Bianchi

John Williams
Stephen Rockhill
Mike Macomber
Mardavan Nair
Mira Kim
Greg Tomlinson
James Mann
Dr. Stan Harris
Austin Bianchi
Kevin A. Thompson
Melissa Gardner
Susan Bianchi
Ahmed Basit
Wande Siakite
Eric Cumbie

Top Recruiters
Top North American Team Members (in order) that personally sponsored the most new Team Members

Kevin A. Thomposon
Dr. Fred Gardner
Dwayne Chapman
Dr. Stan Harris
Mark Comer
Lor Pace
Steve & Roxanne Seely
Marty Robbins
Asmar Townes
David Davidson
Rick Cox
Greg Tomlinson
Dr. Anthony Bianchi
Raymond Anglada
Wande Diakite

Top Team Builders
Team Members (in order) with the most personally sponsored rank advancements

Dr. Anthony Bianchi
David Davidson
Steven Gresham
Paul Blad & Rudy Pedroza
Dr. Jim Sandberg
Dwayne Chapman
Dr. Fred Gardner
Mikayla Clark
Bart Woodcook
Mark Comer
Dwayne & Sandy Schmidek

Join the TriAction Webinar

Join the TriAction Webinar

webinar-triaction Join us this coming Tuesday, April 12th for a special webinar discussing details behind Synergy WorldWide’s comprehensive skin solutions system: TriAction. This webinar will focus on the ways this system can benefit the health of your skin.

DianneFEATURING: Double Presidential Executive Dianne Leavitt who, after putting it to the test herself, has been successfully sharing the TriAction System for years!

Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2016
Time: 6:00 PM Mountain Time
GoToWebinar ID: 115-544-019


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

We look forward to having you join us!

REMEMBER: The TriAction System is on sale now at a savings of over 15%, plus each complete system comes with a free bottle of Elemence Cleansing Foam. Click here to learn more.