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A Tribute to William Martin, 1969-2014

A Tribute to William Martin, 1969-2014

William Martin, an exemplary leader, co-worker and friend, passed away after bravely fighting a long battle with cancer. Will was Synergy WorldWide’s first-ever Presidential in Europe, and was instrumental in making Synergy Europe the flourishing market it is today.

During his 10 years with Synergy WorldWide, Will blessed countless lives with his work ethic, humor and remarkable kindness. His life was the epitome of Synergy’s mission to Leave a Legacy. He truly left a legacy to his loved ones and the entire Synergy family, a legacy that will be remembered and replicated for decades to come.

“There is nobody in Synergy that left a more incredible example of what it means to Leave a Legacy,” said Synergy founder Dan Higginson, a close friend to Will. “You smiled, you brightened everybody’s day. You taught people how to believe and believe in themselves. You taught people how to overcome challenges … you’re an incredible individual that taught people how to live like they were dying.”

Will is highly regarded by Synergy executives, Synergy leaders and distributors all over the world as not only a friend, but a mentor. He understood the importance of goals and dreams, and taught everyone around him to aim for their highest ambitions.

“Will exemplified Leave a Legacy through the integrity, the love, the passion and the courage that it takes to live life to its fullest,” said Dianne Leavitt, Double Presidential. “There is no question I am better because Will has shown me how to be. I send all my love and deepest thanks to Will for showing me and the entire Synergy family how to truly live.”

On behalf of the entire Synergy family, it was an honor and a privilege to know William Martin, and he will be greatly missed by all. We extend our love to his family, and know that because he truly did Leave a Legacy for thousands to follow, he will always be with us in spirit.

“I believe firmly that we are going to create the largest and the biggest network marketing company on this planet. We have all the ingredients. We have the products, we have the corporate staff behind us, and most of all, we have the leadership in the field, and that’s you guys. We’re going to take this business to the top; it’s going to rock. We’re going to have the ride of our lives. It’s going to go with or without us. Now, let’s go make sure it’s with us.” – William Martin

Customer Rewards Program

Customer Rewards Program

We greatly value our customers, and next week we’re launching a program that proves it. Synergy WorldWide is proudly to introduce this new program designed to generously reward our customers for choosing and sharing our world-class quality products. Here’s how it works:

Purchase products—Get points
The customer receives reward points based on each dollar spent.
Every customer purchase results in a point total matching 50% of each dollar spent. For example, a $70 purchase will earn the customer 35 points, and a $100 purchase earns 50.

Have your products Autoshipped—Get MORE points
The longer you participate the greater the rewards!
When you purchase products on Autoship, the 50% point match will increase with each consecutive month as shown below:

Refer new customers—Get A LOT of points
Receive points for each new customer that lists your name upon placing an order.
Every new customer’s purchase results in points for the referring customer. These points will match 100% of each dollar they spend in their first three months. For example, a $70 purchase will earn the referring customer 70 points, and a $100 purchase earns 100.

Redeem your points for FREE Synergy Products
You’ll be surprised at how quickly your points add up. Each time you place an order or refer a friend you’ll find free products are suddenly within reach. Obtain free products by redeeming Customer Reward points via the Customer Rewards hotline (801) 769-7860, or by visiting the Customer Rewards website (coming soon).


  • Jill begins buying two units of ProArgi-9+ every month on Autoship for $120
  • Jill stays on Autoship and her bonus point percentage increases
  • By month 7, Jill will have earned 558 points, enough for two FREE units of ProArgi-9+


  • Joe buys a $70 unit of ProArgi-9+ on Autoship
  • Three of Joe’s new customers buy 1 unit each
  • Joe has earned 252 points, enough for one FREE unit of ProArgi-9+


  • Reward points are valid to redeem for any of Synergy’s premium products
  • Points remain valid for 12 months from date of last purchase
  • Exclusive Customer Rewards hotline for questions and order assistance
To see the complete list of products available as points are redeemed, along with the points required for each product, download the Customer Rewards Program flyer.
Download Flyer


The Customer Rewards program is only available for Synergy Preferred Customers enrolled in the Customer Rewards Program. Synergy Team Members do not earn customer rewards points. Rewards Points can be redeemed once a cumulative purchase total of $100 has been made. Applicable shipping and handling will be charged at the time of redemption. Product points/credits have no cash redemption value and are non-transferable. Autoship changes or Customer Rewards order cancellations must occur by telephone with a Customer Service agent at (801) 769-7860. For product returns awarded using Customer Rewards Points, the corresponding Customer Rewards points will be deducted from your banked points. If no remaining points are available the distributor price of the product will be charged to your account. Redemption points are determined by Synergy Worldwide and are subject to change without prior notice. If a Customer becomes a Distributor, they retain their previously accumulated points and have 90 days to redeem them. If a customer becomes a Team Member, any other customers whom they referred carry over to be personally sponsored as pre ered customers of the new Team Member. Points remain valid for twelve months from the date of your last order. A customer is considered a “new customer” for the first 3 months following their initial purchase.

Tools: Customer Rewards Program

Tools: Customer Rewards Program

As Synergy prepares to launch its new Customer Rewards Program, a few important resources have been created to help Team Members effectively incorporate the program into their own businesses. The Team Members who utilize this program as a way to strengthen and grow their own customer base will see an increase in their Elite Rebate income, an increased ability to rank advance, higher growth potential and greater stability for their business overall.

Remember, the purpose of the Synergy Customer Rewards Program is to reward your customers for their activity and purchases. As you make efforts to lead your customers to these rewards, you will see a return in the form of loyalty, increased sales and eventually more team building opportunities. Here are a few initial tools to support your efforts:

Customer Rewards Program Flyer
This flyer contains a basic explanation of how the program works, along with helpful examples, terms and conditions and a point redemption menu. Click here to download this flyer, use it as a training tool for members of your team, or share it with contacts and potential customers.

New Customer Order Form
This new version of the Customer Order Form features fields in which the new customer will identify the customer who referred him or her. These new forms will be the basic way by which rewards points are assigned and verified. Click here to download this form and share it with your current and potential customers using whichever method you feel would be most effective.

Pre-launch Webinar
Conducted last night by Director of Sales Howard Hannemann, featuring Presidential Executive Rudy Pedroza, this webinar gives Team Members an overview of how the program will function, as well as how it can be utilized by distributors as a business building tool.

Steve Eastman’s Synergy Experience

Steve Eastman’s Synergy Experience

Mr. Steve Eastman of Medford, Oregon has had a remarkable experience with Synergy to say the least. After battling a series of obstacles in his life, Steve turned to Synergy’s product line and business opportunity to help him find victory.

Only weeks ago, Steve Eastman stood on the stage to be recognized for achievements in weight-management and rank advancement… and he’s only just getting started.

Below, Steve shares a small portion of his story in hopes that it will inspire others to take the same path he’s taken. It’s a path he believes to be filled with benefits, leading away from hardship, destined for prosperity.

Steve Eastman's Synergy Experience

Steve Eastman’s Synergy Experience

Mr. Steve Eastman of Medford, Oregon has had a remarkable experience with Synergy to say the least. After battling a series of obstacles in his life, Steve turned to Synergy’s product line and business opportunity to help him find victory.

Only weeks ago, Steve Eastman stood on the stage to be recognized for achievements in weight-management and rank advancement… and he’s only just getting started.

Below, Steve shares a small portion of his story in hopes that it will inspire others to take the same path he’s taken. It’s a path he believes to be filled with benefits, leading away from hardship, destined for prosperity.

Customer Rewards Pre-Launch Webinar

Customer Rewards Pre-Launch Webinar

Join us Wednesday, May 28, for a very special webinar. Synergy WorldWide recently announced the launch of a very exciting program designed to increase customer retention and referrals for Team Members all over North America. The launch of the Synergy Customer Rewards program is sure to be another tremendous milestone in the history of this company, and we want you to be ready to make the most of it.

Be sure to register today and share the news with your team. This free, live webinar will focus on the program details designed to do big things for your income and business growth.


DATE: Wednesday, May 28, 2014

No access to the internet? You can listen to the webinar from your phone using:
Phone number: +1 (312) 878-0511
Access Code: 759-154-850

April 2014 Recognition

APRIL 2014
Congratulations to the following Team Members throughout the United States and Canada. Thank you for your efforts, accomplishments and examples.

We’d also like to thank the many Team Members who had advanced since April of last year and were recognized from the stage of our Business Builder Conference. We hope you enjoyed yourselves at the Recognition Evening held in your honor.

Rank Advancements
Team Director 
Brent Burnett
Ed Wertz

Team Manager
Jason Porter
Dr. David Burnett
Neera Natural
Vic Sevilla & Jerry Vergin

Team Leader
Brad Burnett
Katie Allenbach
Gary Burnett
Anita Thompson
Michael Burnett
Jeff Clayton

William J. Ackley

See the complete April 2014 Rank Advancement List>>>

Top Recruiters 
Top North American Team Members (in order) that personally sponsored the most new Team Members

Thomas McCray
Henrietta Parker
Steve Johnson
David Johnston & Tommy Bethards
Pete Miller
Gary Burnett
Jorge Rodriguez
Lee & Crystal Edwards
Sandra L. Kerner

Top Team Builders
Team Members (in order) with the most personally sponsored rank advancements

Brent Burnett
Mark Comer
Vic Sevilla & Jerry Vergin

Henrietta Parker
Pete Miller
Karen Ackley
Roger Congdon
Neera Natural
Dan Hammer
Jorge Rodriguez

Top 50 Challenge Monthly Winners
The top 10 point earners of the month

  1. Gary Burnett
  2. Thomas McCray
  3. Brent Burnett
  4. Ed Wertz
  5. Henriette E. Parker
  6. Lee & Crystal Edwards
  7. Steve Johnson
  8. Pete Miller
  9. Joy & Richard Matwyshen
  10. Jeff Clayton
Activity Bonus Earners
To see the list of Duplication and Activity Bonus earners, click here. For more information on this program, click here.

Memorial Day 2014 Hours

Memorial Day Hours

On Monday, May 26 2014, Synergy WorldWide headquarters and the corporate store will be closed in commemoration of Memorial Day.

Customer Service will remain open from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Mountain Time to assist you with your business needs. In addition, orders can also be placed through Pulse.

In advance, we thank you for your understanding and wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend! Any questions can be directed to Customer Service at (801) 769-7800.

Dan Vs. Dan Finale!

Dan Vs. Dan Finale!

Three months ago, Synergy Founder Dan Higginson challenged one of his closest friends to a healthy weight-loss competition. That close friend is Dan Norman, President of Synergy WorldWide. The two Dans shook hands and put $1000 on the line to motivate each other to drop fat using the SLMsmart Health Shake.

Each Dan started at over 250 pounds. Each faced a busy schedule filled with travel, business lunches and
opportunities to eat large amounts of food. Within the 90 day challenge period, neither Dan H. nor Dan N. starved himself. Neither adhered to a super-detailed, ultra-strict diet plan. Neither worked with a personal trainer.

At the end of the 90 days, the two Dans lost a combined 82 pounds!

The Winner
In front of over 300 Business Builder Conference attendees, each Dan removed his shoes and suit coat to step on the scale at the center of the stage. With a starting weight of 258 and a final weight of 214, Dan Higginson was declared the Official Winner of the Dan Vs. Dan Smart Switch Challenge!

Congratulations to Mr. Higginson, who lost a total of 44 pounds in 90 days!

Though Dan Norman may have lost the bet, he was
all smiles as the scale showed that he had gone from 266 to 228, a total weight loss of 38 pounds. Right there on the conference stage, he took ten $100 bills from his pocket and placed them in Dan Higginson’s hand, one by one.

That money didn’t stay in his hand for long. In fact, it was soon shared with several people that were called from the crowd to join Dan and Dan on stage. These people were the top participants in the Smart Switch Challenge. They had regularly submitted challenge forms online and shared their progress with Synergy as they replaced meals with Health Shake.

Mike Kentrolis had lost over 65 pounds! Steve Eastman has lost 90 so far! Jill Carlson began the challenge in April and had lost 43.5 pounds! Sandra Vincent lost 28, and Kalynn Smestad (who wow’ed the BBC crowd with a beautiful vocal solo) has lost 35 so far! Dan Higginson handed each of them $200 dollars from his winnings to thank them for sharing their success.

SLMsmart Success
The SLMsmart product line is based on proven science and is simple to make a part of your life. Synergy encourages anyone who wants to effectively manage their weight to put SLMsmart to the test.

Dan and Dan were able to lose plenty of fat by simply replacing many of their regular breakfasts with Health Shake. Occasionally they would substitute a lunch with Health Shake as well. Dan Higginson found more success than Dan Norman by incorporating exercise into his daily routine (exercise is always a smart decision and is strongly encouraged by the SLMsmart formulators) and staying away from sugary snacks.

Every person that entered the Smart Switch Challenge saw weight loss and other fantastic benefits by regularly switching their breakfasts and/or lunches to Health Shake. Those that made that switch and also chose to exercise and skip unhealthy snacks saw the best results. You can achieve whatever weight-management goals you set your mind to. Let SLMsmart give you the power to do it right and to make it simple.

For more information about how you can see results with the help of these products, visit

May 2014 Synergy WorldWide Corp Update Call

Big Wednesday: May 21

“Big Wednesday” is the title of one of Howard Hannemann’s favorite surf movies from the 70’s. It’s also our title for next Wednesday, May 21st! Here are the two BIG reasons to look forward to Wednesday of next week:


Join Director of Sales Howard Hannemann and Synergy Founder Dan Higginson for this month’s call. These two will be joined by Pearl Executive Marty Holker, the talented leader that delivered one of the most impactful and talked-about BBC presentations. Marty will address the “21 Day Challenge” that he introduced at the conference, and you’ll hear what Dan Higginson has been doing to make that program a part of his life.

To Join the Call:
Phone: 1-800-832-4695
Pin: 8908#
Time: 7 PM Mountain Time

These monthly update calls are a great way to get the latest news and information from Synergy HQ. Join us on the third Wednesday of each month to stay connected. The information you gather from these calls can be used for the benefit your business and your team.


Will you be in the Dallas area next Wednesday? Do you have contacts who will be? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, mark this event on your calendar right away!

This event will featuring special guest presenter Mark Comer, Double Presidential Executive and one of Synergy’s top earners. Director of Sales Howard Hannemann is also on board to speak at this event. He plans to take the stage after conducting the Corporate Update Call! Talk about a Big Wednesday!

This event will begin at 7 PM at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel. If you have questions about this meeting, call Juan Carlos at (818) 298-5120. Note that the content of this meeting will accommodate both Spanish and English language speakers.