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Customer Rewards Program

Customer Rewards Program

We greatly value our customers, and next week we’re launching a program that proves it. Synergy WorldWide is proudly to introduce this new program designed to generously reward our customers for choosing and sharing our world-class quality products. Here’s how it works:

Purchase products—Get points
The customer receives reward points based on each dollar spent.
Every customer purchase results in a point total matching 50% of each dollar spent. For example, a $70 purchase will earn the customer 35 points, and a $100 purchase earns 50.

Have your products Autoshipped—Get MORE points
The longer you participate the greater the rewards!
When you purchase products on Autoship, the 50% point match will increase with each consecutive month as shown below:

Refer new customers—Get A LOT of points
Receive points for each new customer that lists your name upon placing an order.
Every new customer’s purchase results in points for the referring customer. These points will match 100% of each dollar they spend in their first three months. For example, a $70 purchase will earn the referring customer 70 points, and a $100 purchase earns 100.

Redeem your points for FREE Synergy Products
You’ll be surprised at how quickly your points add up. Each time you place an order or refer a friend you’ll find free products are suddenly within reach. Obtain free products by redeeming Customer Reward points via the Customer Rewards hotline (801) 769-7860, or by visiting the Customer Rewards website (coming soon).


  • Jill begins buying two units of ProArgi-9+ every month on Autoship for $120
  • Jill stays on Autoship and her bonus point percentage increases
  • By month 7, Jill will have earned 558 points, enough for two FREE units of ProArgi-9+


  • Joe buys a $70 unit of ProArgi-9+ on Autoship
  • Three of Joe’s new customers buy 1 unit each
  • Joe has earned 252 points, enough for one FREE unit of ProArgi-9+


  • Reward points are valid to redeem for any of Synergy’s premium products
  • Points remain valid for 12 months from date of last purchase
  • Exclusive Customer Rewards hotline for questions and order assistance
To see the complete list of products available as points are redeemed, along with the points required for each product, download the Customer Rewards Program flyer.
Download Flyer


The Customer Rewards program is only available for Synergy Preferred Customers enrolled in the Customer Rewards Program. Synergy Team Members do not earn customer rewards points. Rewards Points can be redeemed once a cumulative purchase total of $100 has been made. Applicable shipping and handling will be charged at the time of redemption. Product points/credits have no cash redemption value and are non-transferable. Autoship changes or Customer Rewards order cancellations must occur by telephone with a Customer Service agent at (801) 769-7860. For product returns awarded using Customer Rewards Points, the corresponding Customer Rewards points will be deducted from your banked points. If no remaining points are available the distributor price of the product will be charged to your account. Redemption points are determined by Synergy Worldwide and are subject to change without prior notice. If a Customer becomes a Distributor, they retain their previously accumulated points and have 90 days to redeem them. If a customer becomes a Team Member, any other customers whom they referred carry over to be personally sponsored as pre ered customers of the new Team Member. Points remain valid for twelve months from the date of your last order. A customer is considered a “new customer” for the first 3 months following their initial purchase.

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