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Tools: Customer Rewards Program

Tools: Customer Rewards Program

As Synergy prepares to launch its new Customer Rewards Program, a few important resources have been created to help Team Members effectively incorporate the program into their own businesses. The Team Members who utilize this program as a way to strengthen and grow their own customer base will see an increase in their Elite Rebate income, an increased ability to rank advance, higher growth potential and greater stability for their business overall.

Remember, the purpose of the Synergy Customer Rewards Program is to reward your customers for their activity and purchases. As you make efforts to lead your customers to these rewards, you will see a return in the form of loyalty, increased sales and eventually more team building opportunities. Here are a few initial tools to support your efforts:

Customer Rewards Program Flyer
This flyer contains a basic explanation of how the program works, along with helpful examples, terms and conditions and a point redemption menu. Click here to download this flyer, use it as a training tool for members of your team, or share it with contacts and potential customers.

New Customer Order Form
This new version of the Customer Order Form features fields in which the new customer will identify the customer who referred him or her. These new forms will be the basic way by which rewards points are assigned and verified. Click here to download this form and share it with your current and potential customers using whichever method you feel would be most effective.

Pre-launch Webinar
Conducted last night by Director of Sales Howard Hannemann, featuring Presidential Executive Rudy Pedroza, this webinar gives Team Members an overview of how the program will function, as well as how it can be utilized by distributors as a business building tool.

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