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Introducing L’amara: Reveal Your Radiance

Introducing L’amara: Reveal Your Radiance

Synergy WorldWide proudly presents: L’amara. Together, land (l’a) and sea (mar) provide a vibrant foundation for every L’amara product, in an endless pursuit of clean, natural beauty. Formulated by the the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, this new skincare line will enhance your natural radiance and provide boosted support for nourished and protected skin.


Clean, natural ingredients procured from land and sea infuse each L’amara product. With a proprietary formulation of fermented tea and algae, l’amara delivers natural pre/probiotics with a potent blend of antioxidants and skin-nourishing nutrients that work to boost your natural beauty.

UNLOCK TRUE RADIANCEInfused to deliver real results, L’amara offers five new facial products to help unlock truly radiant skin. These include the Daily Nourishing Cleanser, Skin Activating Toner, Radiance Oil, Revealing Eye Cream, and Moisture Boost Emulsion.


  • Potent blend of skin-loving antioxidants
  • Locks in moisture for healthy, hydrated skin
  • Supports the healthy appearance of skin
  • Aids in photo-protection
  • Nourishing, skin-calming formulas
  • Dermatologist approved formulas
  • Recyclable packaging

Dive into the new L’amara skin care line and discover truly radiant skin! Our L’amara Superior Product Bundle has everything you need to cleanse, activate, nourish and protect your skin. And it’s priced to share! Includes: 

  • Daily Nourishing Cleanser
  • Skin Activating Toner
  • Radiance Oil
  • Revealing Eye Cream
  • Moisture Boost Emulsion

L’AMARA NOURISH AND PROTECT PACKThe L’amara Nourish & Protect Bundle includes the L’amara Radiance Oil, Revealing Eye Cream, and Moisture Boost Emulsion, to promote healthy, hydrated, and beautiful skin. Each product contains the unique L’amara Botanical Complex, a proprietary blend of fermented tea and algae, in addition to naturally derived prebiotics, probiotics and antioxidants.SHOP L’AMARA NOW

Synergy’s Donation Set to Help 116,938 Underserved Women and Children

Synergy’s Donation Set to Help 116,938 Underserved Women and Children

Synergy WorldWide believes in making a powerful impact on the world through innovative, Elite Health products, including sharing the healing power of nature by giving back to the community. That’s why, during Europe’s new Collagen+ Beauty launch, Synergy established a fundraising campaign for Vitamin Angels.

For each box of Collagen+ Beauty purchased through the month of June, Synergy WorldWide set aside $5 to support Vitamin Angels. The Impact Foundation helped double the efforts made by matching the funds raised. In total, Synergy WorldWide donated $29,234.56 to Vitamin Angel’s cause— which will help support 116,938 underserved women and children.

Vitamin Angels

As a global prenatal initiative, Vitamin Angels provides access to prenatal vitamins and minerals for underserved pregnant mothers and young children. This ensures both healthy pregnancies and positive birth outcomes. Serving over 60 million mothers and children in 65 different countries, Vitamin Angels helps to support those most in need.

Create Stress-Free Summer Memories

Create Stress-Free Summer Memories

With summer hitting hot, maintaining your carefree mentality can be a bit challenging. While there isn’t one secret ingredient you can add to your life to live stress free, there is a lot of research that shows us how to relieve stress and live happier. A combination of these practices are sure to calm your nerves and increase your summertime smiles. 

Regular Exercise

Exercise, like running, biking, or taking an evening walk with a friend, helps to relieve stress by releasing endorphins, or “happy hormones” that help boost our mood. Don’t forget, all that sunshine helps give you vitamin D, which is known to support a healthy mood. 

Adequate Z’s

A lack of sleep can trigger several health issues affecting your mental health, like memory, judgement, and mood—something you definitely want boosted when you’re spending time with your in-laws. Try blocking out time before bed to put away screens and their enticing blue light or establish a wind-down routing to help calm your mind in preparation to rest. 

Be a Social Butterfly

Studies show that connecting with others can help reduce stress and depression. Although it can be difficult to stay in-touch with friends and family, simply reaching out to loved ones via text can still stimulate that human connection. 

Now’s the time to enjoy the warmth the weather brings and the memories of summertime. So, take some time to relax and make the most of your summer days.

Summer Sprint Sale

Summer Sprint Sale

Summer savings have officially arrived, but you need to act fast— they’re only here for three days! From now through July 23, Synergy is offering two special discounts, plus giveaway’s and prizes. So, score big and save more with every purchase you make.


During this 3-day Sprint Sale, you will get 5% OFF all orders placed over the phone by calling (801) 769-7800. It’s easy. Our agents will apply this discount to your order, so you can save more on your Synergy favorites. Don’t forget, you can use this deal for every order you place throughout the next three days. There’s no limit!


All orders over $100 will qualify for FREE SHIPPING. It’s that simple. Again, just call (801) 769-7800 to place your order! 


But wait… every $50 purchase you make qualifies as an entry into a daily giveaway raffle. Prizes include a limited-edition Synergy duffel bag along with a free product and a Synergy shaker bottle. We will announce 3 prizes and their winners every day during our 3-day Sprint Sale.

Don’t walk— run! This sale only lasts for three days, so make the most of it. Now’s the time to score big and save more with Synergy’s Summer Sprint Sale.

Father’s Day is Coming…

Father’s Day is Coming…

Show your dad how much you care about him by helping care for his health. This Father’s Day, Synergy knows exactly what should be on your gift list: e9 for energy, ProArgi-9+ for cardio, SLMsmart for that delicious protein… it’s all the right stuff! 

This month, when you order $100 in Synergy products (hello healthy lifestyle) you’ll receive a free box of e9— it’s a perfect way to treat your dad to some extra TLC. Simply call our friendly Customer Service Agents today at (801) 769-7800, and get ahead on your shopping. 

Whatever your family dynamic, Synergy’s wide variety of superior wellness supplements are designed to fit into the best routines, so you can find the perfect gift every time. Show dad just how much he means to you with a gift that keeps on giving, long after the celebrations have finished. 

Terms & Conditions

Free e9 is limited to one box per customer. Orders must be made by phone to qualify for free e9. This Father’s Day special begins June 11, 2021 and ends Monday, June 21.

However, the promotion is extended for any/all new customers throughout the month of June, as part of the June “Active Action” promotion. “Active Action” promotion details can be found here.

Free boxes of e9 are not eligible for exchange, return, or refund and cannot be redeemed for cash value. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at (801) 769-7800.

Synergy’s Manufacturing Guarantee

Synergy’s Manufacturing Guarantee

When it comes to supplement creation,figure class=”wp-block-embed is-type-video is-provider-vimeo wp-block-embed-vimeo”> Synergy is known for pure ingredients, potent formulas, and powerful wellness products. Utilizing both Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality Assurance testing empowers us to produce the highest quality wellness products.
As a Nature’s Sunshine company, we own and operate our own manufacturing facility. Alongside our wide range of prestigious certifications, this facility houses custom machinery, expert staff, and innovative scientific labs for ingredient and quality testing. These aspects allow us to control every step of the production process— including the ingredients, the formulas, and the equipment used.
Discover the unique qualifications that Synergy upholds to ensure the production of superior health solutions. It’s our Synergy standard.

Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day is here, and we’re taking a moment to celebrate the extraordinary gifts nature provides every day. As a global health and wellness company, it’s our mission to find and source the purest, most potent ingredients available worldwide. As experts in herbs, we recognize that all our incredible ingredients come from our bountiful Earth. It’s the gift that keeps on giving— providing everyone with the opportunity to experience fresh, healthy living.

As purists, we know that natural products must be handled meticulously to protect their potency. That’s why we utilize strict Quality Assurance methods to protect and enhance the natural benefits already stored within our superior ingredients. When we produce, package, and test for quality, we guarantee wellness supplements that are powerful. 

This Earth Day, Synergy is continuing our support for the planet with ongoing eco-friendly initiatives. From sustainable ingredient sourcing to implementing eco-friendly packaging, Synergy is committed to providing greener solutions alongside superior wellness supplements. These updates will support recycling programs while also reducing landfill impact, GHG emissions, and fossil fuel consumption. When nature gives us so much, it’s only right that we return the favor. 

Watch our ABC4 News Segment Now

Watch our ABC4 News Segment Now

In case you missed it, Synergy and the Impact Foundation went live on ABC4 News to share our message and raise better awareness for Heart Health. Catch our special video segment above, as we discuss the details regarding our successful fundraiser for Primary Children’s Hospital, and highlight the generosity and support from incredible individuals like you. 


Love giving back? Check out The Impact Foundation online for updates regarding our current fundraising efforts and different ways you can help to make an impact worldwide. 

Synergy To Share Good News On ABC4

Synergy To Share Good News On ABC4

Though the 2021 Heart Health month has come to its end, your efforts have made a lasting impact. Thanks to your generosity and heart-health purchases, Synergy is proud to announce (drum roll please) that $25,000 has been donated to The Heart Center at Primary Children’s Hospital. For more details, check out our official Press Release
Presented to Julia Saxton, Corporate and Foundation Relations Director for Primary Children’s Hospital, by Terrence Moorehead, Chief Executive Officer, and Nate Brower, President of the Impact Foundation, this generous donation will provide direct support for cutting-edge cardiac equipment and facilities to ensure the highest quality care for young patients. These funds will also be used to assist families with children currently enrolled as patients in the hospital by assuaging the costs associated with life-saving transplant procedures and medicines. 

Synergy is Going LIVE on ABC News

Sharing the gift of heart health takes more than just one of us. That’s why this week, we’ll be joining ABC4 News to share our message and raise better awareness for Heart Health.
Those who are able to tune into ABC4 Utah on Wednesday, March 24 at 12 PM (MT) can see Synergy and the Impact Foundation share this year’s Heart Health Month story. We’ll share the good news about the Primary Children’s donation, the incredible individuals who helped support this cause, and our dedication to promoting Elite Health every day. We can’t wait to see you live!