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Synergy Donates $25,000 To Primary Children’s Hospital

Synergy Donates $25,000 To Primary Children’s Hospital

Synergy WorldWide Inc. (Synergy), a subsidiary of Nature’s Sunshine Products (Nature’s Sunshine) (NASDAQ: NATR), alongside The Impact Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, presented a check for $25,000 to Primary Children’s Hospital March 19, 2021.

In an effort to bring awareness to the body’s hardest-working muscle during Heart Health Month and to better share the healing power of nature, Synergy WorldWide donated five percent of all proceeds of Synergy’s heart health products sold in February to benefit The Heart Center at Primary Children’s Hospital. Additionally, Synergy opened a direct donation line for individuals, including employees and customers, to donate an amount of their choice. 

“With the critical care they provide to our communities, we are fortunate to have an institution like Primary Children’s Hospital nearby,” said Nate Brower, President of the Impact Foundation. “We are excited to bring more attention to their efforts and proud to support their incredible caregivers and the individuals and families they serve.” 

These funds will provide direct support for cutting-edge cardiac equipment and facilities to ensure the highest quality care for patients. This donation will also be used to assist families with children currently enrolled as patients in the hospital by assuaging costs associated with life-saving transplant procedures and medicines. 
In doing so, Synergy WorldWide, alongside The Impact Foundation, is continually working to give back to the community and share the healing power of nature with those in need. 

About Nature’s Sunshine Products and Synergy WorldWide

Nature’s Sunshine Products (NASDAQ: NATR), a leading natural health and wellness company, markets and distributes nutritional and personal care products in more than 40 countries. Nature’s Sunshine manufactures most of its products through its own state-of-the-art facilities to ensure its products continue to set the standard for the highest quality, safety and efficacy on the market today. Additional information about the Company can be obtained at its website. Synergy WorldWide markets and distributes innovative and highest quality health solutions across the globe. As a company focused on Elite Health, Synergy helps individuals unlock their full potential. Information regarding Synergy WorldWide can also be obtained at its website

About The Impact Foundation

Established in 2019 as the corporate foundation for Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. and Synergy WorldWide, the Impact Foundation empowers a community of loyal, like-minded individuals, by increasing awareness of nature’s healing power, creating meaningful service opportunities, and engaging with charitable organizations that align closely with its cause. The foundation is built upon the pillars of service, awareness, and support to carry out its mission of sharing the healing power of nature around the world. Additional information about the foundation can be obtained at its website

About Primary Children’s Hospital

Primary Children’s Hospital (PCH) ranks among the best children’s hospitals in the United States. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, PCH is focused on providing the best care for more than 1 million children living in a 400,000 square-mile service area. The 289-bed facility is a Level I pediatric trauma center that cares for children with complex illness and injury, including organ transplants and complex birth defects. PCH is part of Intermountain Healthcare, a not-for-profit health care system, and the pediatric teaching hospital for the University of Utah, School of Medicine. Currently ranked in the top ten for Best Children’s Heart Care by Parent’s Magazine, The Heart Center at PCH is a specialized unit that focuses solely on pediatric heart care. Additionally, their echo lab is accredited in transthoracic, transesophageal, and fetal echocardiographic testing.

The Power of Green

The Power of Green

While working towards Elite Health and better nutrition, we sometimes miss our helpful daily servings of grassy, leafy, POWERFUL veggies.  But Synergy has the solution. Made for daily goal-crushers, Synergy’s Essential Greens helps bridge the gap in your daily food intake.

Formulated to provide quick, effective nutrients, Essential Greens includes a significant amount of wheat grass, barley grass, and oat grass. These cereal grasses contain a wide range of potent plant compounds, including antioxidants and phytonutrients—both noted for their ability to protect, nourish, and strengthen the body.

Not only does Essential Greens provide the power of phytonutrients, it also harness the energy of nature— chlorophyll. Channeling the vitality of mighty photosynthesis, chlorophyll helps protect healthy cells and supports your immunity while also acting as a natural detoxifier. 

Experience the power of green today. Participate in our Lucky Greens Promotion to earn your FREE box of Essential Greens.

Heart Health Spotlight: Vitamin D3

Heart Health Spotlight: Vitamin D3

As an essential vitamin, Synergy’s Vitamin D3 is one of the most useful nutritional tools we have available. Working with your body’s numerous biological functions, vitamin D3 helps ensure maximum calcium absorption for a strong skeletal system. 

When you purchase any Synergy heart health products, including Vitamin D3, we’ll donate 5% of the purchase to The Heart Center at Primary Children’s Hospital. Help us share the gift of heart health this month.


The human body is equipped with the amazing ability to synthesize vitamin D3 through exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. However, many people today are lacking in their daily dose of sunlight due to indoor living and excessive sunscreen. Like a ray of sunshine, Synergy’s vitamin D3 provides the perfect amount of this essential nutrient to ensure a greater state of overall health. Vitamin D3 also helps bolster muscle metabolism and function, so your heart can get an extra measure of healthy love at the same time.


Of the many roles vitamin D3 fulfills in the body, one of the most important is to enable calcium absorption. As such, the body is unable to digest calcium without adequate levels of D3. Insufficient levels of calcium can then lead to osteoporosis and eventually bone loss. Vitamin D3 also works to promote bone mineralization in the body, helping support your skeletal structure— there’s no bones about it. 


  • Provides 2500 IU of Vitamin D3 per tablet
  • Helps maintain normal levels of calcium in the blood
  • Helps maintain bone health and mineralization
  • Helps support a healthy immune system
  • Facilitates calcium absorption in the body to support a healthy skeletal system


Don’t forget, 5% of Vitamin D3 sales go to Primary Children’s Hospital. Make an impact while also supporting heart health. 

Heart Health Spotlight: Metabolic LDL

Heart Health Spotlight: Metabolic LDL

Support healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular function with Metabolic LDL. This unique and powerful herbal formula helps modulate cholesterol oxidation to maintain optimum circulatory performance and overall heart health.

This month, when you purchase Metabolic LDL or any Synergy heart health products, we’ll donate 5% of the purchase to The Heart Center at Primary Children’s Hospital! Help us make an impact as you enjoy supporting heart health. 


Metabolic LDL combines Citrus bergamia Risso extract with a proprietary blend of high-ORAC antioxidants that help support total cholesterol and triglyceride levels already in the normal range. It works in part by blocking an enzyme the liver needs to produce LDL cholesterol. This balance of Citrus bergamia fruit extract and antioxidants naturally supports healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, yielding a wonderfully effective formulation for cardiovascular health.


While Bergamot Fruit Extract (Citrus bergamia Risso) is technically a member of the orange family, it more closely resembles a lime or lemon with a bumpy outer peel that ranges from pale green to yellow. Grown along the southern coast of Italy, our bergamot fruit is bursting with a unique blend of polyphenols, otherwise known as naturally occurring antioxidants, that help locate and detoxify free radicals in the body. 


  • Modulates oxidation of LDL cholesterol
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels
  • Features a powerful, proprietary antioxidant blend


Remember, 5% of Metabolic LDL sales go to Primary Children’s Hospital. Make an impact by sharing the gift of heart health.

Healthy Hearts Begin Within

Healthy Hearts Begin Within

You love your heart. You know it’s important—but do you know what to feed it? Fueling your body’s engine with proper nutrition doesn’t have to be rocket science.
This February, in honor of Heart Health Month, take a little extra time and fuel your body with better nutrition. Trust us, you’ll feel better than ever and your heart will appreciate the extra effort.
Here are a few heart-healthy suggestions to make your favorite meals more cardio-conscious:


Vegetables are always on the table when it comes to heart health, and some pack a healthier punch than others. Dark, leafy greens like spinach and kale are filled with heart healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They’re also a great source of vitamin K, which can help protect your arteries and improve cardiovascular health. Channel your inner Popeye and include spinach in your next meal. A little can go a long way.


Okay, this may be difficult. Yes, we know sugar makes things sweet. But can your recipe work with Stevia? Some natural honey or maple syrup will also help maintain your sweetness without the high sugar content. It could be worth a try. Sugar, fructose, corn syrup… these are not heart-healthy ingredients. Substitute when possible and your heart will thank you. 


When you have to eat carbs, remember that diets rich in fiber are more preferable than refined white breads and pastas. When it comes to combatting high blood pressure and supporting your overall heart health, choose fibrous whole grains. At the very least, try swapping out half the amount of all-purpose flour with whole-wheat flour. Better yet, try almond-flour! You can also change up refined white rice for whole grain rice or opt for a more complex grain like quinoa. 


Sodium has a big impact on heart health, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo flavor. Instead, try adding a splash of vinegar or a squeeze of fresh lime to your food. You can also give your favorite dishes an update with a dash of new spices and herbs. Feel free to experiment and test out new flavors, you never know when you’ll create something incredible. 

Heart Health Spotlight: CoQ10

Heart Health Spotlight: CoQ10

Jumpstart your energy levels and fuel your heart with Synergy’s CoQ10. As an all-natural compound, our CoQ10 provides biological energy support for most vital organs— including your heart. 
WHAT IS COQ10?CoQ10, formally known as Coenzyme Q10, is an oil-soluble vitamin-like compound found in every cell of the human body. Our CoQ10 is an all-natural, crystal-free compound that uses a patented lipid blend to enhance its bioavailability and absorption in the human body, providing an adequate supply of energy to your body’s most important muscle–your heart. 
LIVING FUNCTIONSEach system encompasses different cells, tissues, and organs that all require a supply of energy—or ATP—for optimal function. Within these vast networks, ATP or energy is delivered after its successful production within the body. Although much of the body’s energy is derived from components found in natural food sources, organs with greater energy requirements have an increased need for high concentrations of CoQ10. Taking a CoQ10 supplement can help fulfill that demand. 

  • Helps to reduce oxidative stress in all cells throughout the body
  • Supports the health of the heart, kidneys, liver, and pancreas
  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular function and general longevity
  • Supports energy production for the heart and other organs requiring high levels of ATP or energy

This month, when you purchase CoQ10, you’re helping support one of the best health care organizations in Utah— Primary Children’s Hospital (PCH). Throughout February, Synergy will be donating 5% of proceeds from all our heart health products to The Heart Center at PCH. Help us give back to an organization that already gives so much, and share the gift of heart health today. 

Kickstart Your Cardiovascular Fitness

Kickstart Your Cardiovascular Fitness

Every moment, every day of your life, your heart works to support everything your body does. That is some serious heavy lifting from an organ and a muscle that never gets a break. Beating around 100,000 times a day, your heart pumps 2,000 gallons worth of blood through a microscopic blood vessel system that totals 60,000 miles in length. This month, give your heart a helping hand and strengthen it with a cardiovascular exercise routine.

Studies have shown that simply doing 30-40 minutes of exercise a day can improve your overall health and wellness, while also having a positive impact on your heart. This includes both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. So, what’s the difference? Let’s break it down. 

AEROBIC Aerobic exercise focuses on elevating and then consistently maintaining your heart rate for an extended period. This type of fitness has a direct impact on your circulatory system, as it engages your lungs, heart, and large muscle groups for a substantial amount of time. Running, hiking, and swimming are all categorized under aerobic exercise. 

ANAEROBICAnaerobic exercise focuses on strengthening your muscles with short, but intense, workouts. Also known as resistance training, these bursts of activity help build your cardiovascular endurance and overall heart health, as they push you to perform at your maximum in short, timed periods. Examples of this include sprinting, jumping, or weightlifting. 

Both types of exercise provide a variety of benefits for your health and wellness. Your fitness goals can help you determine the best type of workouts to participate in; however, a little cardio goes a long way. Be sure to start slow and build up to the level your body is comfortable with. This month, work a little harder to give your heart a helping hand. Strengthen the organ that never stops working for you, with an increased level of cardiovascular fitness.


Heart Health Spotlight: ProArgi-9+

Heart Health Spotlight: ProArgi-9+

Heart Health Month is here, and we’re kicking off our product spotlights with a fan favorite, ProArgi-9+. Known as “the world’s highest quality l-arginine supplement,” ProArgi-9+ has become an international best-seller for its abilities to support cardiovascular function, build the body’s defenses, and more. 

POWERFUL INGREDIENT LINE-UPProArgi-9+ is packed with a potent array of ingredients including l-arginine, l-citrulline, and vitamin C. During clinical studies, The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation found that the unique, synergistic combination of ProArgi-9+ ingredients can “significantly and rapidly increase” the body’s production of nitric oxide—a vital component to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.
REVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE Built upon Nobel Prize-winning science, ProArgi-9+ enhances the body’s ability to convert the l-arginine amino acid into nitric oxide to help support healthy circulatory and cardiovascular function. This rapid production of nitric oxide can inhibit myeloperoxidase, leading to lower levels of oxidized LDL cholesterol.  UPARALLELED BENEFITS

  • Supports overall cardiovascular health
  • Enhances blood flow to vital organs
  • Combats the negative effects of premature cardiovascular aging
  • May aid in decreasing body fat and building muscle mass
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  • Inhibits myeloperoxidase, an enzyme that is known to oxidize LDL cholesterol

Don’t forget, throughout February, Synergy will collect 5% of all proceeds from sales of our heart health products, to donate to The Heart Center at Primary Children’s Hospital. Join us, make an impact, and share the gift of heart health. 


Wearing Red, Heart Health, Making an Impact

Wearing Red, Heart Health, Making an Impact

Wear Red Day is here today, giving us a chance to celebrate Heart Health Month. It’s the perfect day for a big announcement: The Heart Center at Primary Children’s Hospital will receive a donation at the end of this month, based on all purchases of Synergy Heart Health products sold in February. We couldn’t be happier about it!Located near the Synergy WorldWide headquarters in Utah, Primary Children’s Hospital (PCH) provides care for kids like few places in the world can. The U.S. News & World Report named the PCH amongst the “Best Children’s Hospitals for Cardiovascular & Heart Surgery.” For so many children across several states, PCH has provided heart care before nutrition ever has a chance to play its role.

  • Make a purchase: Throughout February, Synergy will collect 5% of all proceeds from sales of our heart health products, to donate to the PCH Heart Center. So, whenever you purchase ProArgi-9+, Metabolic LDL, Omega-3, or CoQ10, 5% of your purchase goes to this important effort.
  • Make a direct donation: Simply call our friendly Customer Service agents to donate your amount of choice. Individuals who donate $25.00 or more will receive a limited-edition Heart Health month water bottle! 
  • Wear Red Today, Post Your Pics, Spread the Word! Be sure to tag Synergy in your #hearthealthmonth posts on Instagram and Facebook. More hashtag fun: #TheHeartoftheMatter #SynergyWorldWide #WearRedDay 

You can also send us photo directly using this link. Participate in the National Wear Red Day with Synergy for a chance to win free swag and some extra social media spotlight. 
Now’s the time! Synergy is thrilled about Heart Health Month 2021. Alongside our Impact Foundation, and with your help and generosity, we will help many hearts. Please show your support and help us make an Impact on Primary Children’s Hospital. 
Happy Heart Health Month! 

This Friday is Wear Red Day

This Friday is Wear Red Day

This Friday is Wear Red Day

It’s time to showcase your best red outfits because National Wear Red Day is happening this Friday, February 5. The purpose of National Wear Red Day is to raise awareness for heart health, including the fight against heart disease. Join us, and show your support for this excellent cause. 

Don’t forget, by participating you’ll be entered into our giveaway and have a chance to be featured on Synergy’s social media. Earn free swag and some extra social media spotlight by rocking your red on Friday. It’s as easy as three simple steps:

  1. Wear your boldest, brightest red. If you’ve got it, we want to see it! 
  2. Snap a selfie or a groupie showing off your radical red outfits. Seriously, flaunt that.
  3. Submit your image to our Google Survey HERE
  4. Post it on Instagram or Facebook and tag Synergy with these hashtags: 

#TheHeartOfTheMatter #HeartHealthMonth and #SynergyWorldWide and tell us what heart health means to you.

You’re all set! Be sure to check our Instagram and Facebook and get ready for some social media limelight. 

But that’s not all. We’ll be revealing a special surprise on National Wear Red Day. Stay tuned and check back with us at the end of the week. 

Share your support and help prepare your team this month as we celebrate your most vital organ— the heart!