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Microbiome May Promotion

Microbiome May Promotion

Give your gut an extra dose of love with our Microbiome May promotion. This month, join us in focusing on restoring and balancing your microbiome with the help of key products from our scientifically-cultivated Purify program— your May-Crobiome will thank you!


Earn a FREE Purify Kit when you personally sponsor 3 new Team Members (with a min. activation order of 150 CV). Comprised of highest-quality products, the Purify Kit is clinically formulated to give your microbiome the overhaul it needs to start clean. 


Get a FREE bottle of Biome DTX when you join Synergy as a New Team Member (with a min. activation order of 150 CV). An innovative food supplement, Biome DTX utilizes three distinct pathways to provide breakthrough purification.  


New Preferred Customers will receive a FREE bottle of Biome Actives with their first order of $100 or more. Fuel your beneficial gut bacteria with Biome Actives and its unique support of prebiotics and probiotics.

Refresh your internal health and prepare your team for this month! For more information, check out our Microbiome May Info Sheet for the Terms and Conditions of this promotion.

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