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October Quick-10 Promotion

October Quick-10 Promotion

We’re falling into the autumn season with a new monthly promotion. This October, all new Team Members and Preferred Customers will receive a free CoQ10 wellness supplement with their activation order, when placed through Customer Service.


New Team Members and Preferred Customers will earn a FREE bottle of CoQ10 (with a min. activation order of 150 CV or a min. product order of $100). So, free product anyone?


Our CoQ10 is an all-natural, crystal-free compound that uses a patented lipid blend to enhance its bioavailability and absorption in the human body, providing an adequate supply of energy to your body’s most important muscle– your heart. 
Show your enthusiasm for the fall season and engage your team this month. For more information, check out our October Quick-10 Info Sheet which includes the Terms and Conditions of our promotion.

Questions?Please contact our friendly Customer Service agents today.

September Stretch Promotion

September Stretch Promotion

It’s officially September, and we’re falling into the autumn season with a new monthly promotion. Last week, Synergy launched a brand-new powerhouse supplement, scientifically engineered to shield and support your immune system: ProArgi-9+ Immune Booster. Now, you’ll have the chance to try our newest product and earn discounts on your orders. 


Earn a FREE Immune Booster 2 Pack featuring our newest wellness supplement by personally sponsoring three new Team Members (with a min. activation order of 150 CV). Free product anyone?


For new Team Members, get an exclusive 50% discount on a box of Immune Booster when you enroll (with a min. activation order of 150 CV). Try our new product for half price!
Note: To take advantage of this discount, call our friendly Customer Service agents upon enrollment. They’ll be ready to activate new Team Members and apply this discount!

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New Preferred Customers can automatically receive free shipping on their first order by adding an Immune Booster 3 Pack to their activation order. Not only are you supporting your immune system, you’re saving on shipping costs.

Show your enthusiasm for the fall season and engage your team this month. For more information, check out our September Stretch Info Sheet which includes the Terms and Conditions of our promotion.

Questions?Please contact our friendly Customer Service agents today.

Leadership Retreat 2021 In Miami

Leadership Retreat 2021 In Miami

Are you ready for a well-deserved vacation? Qualify now for the 2021 Synergy Leadership Retreat in Miami, Florida. Famous for its stunning beaches, vibrant city life, and diverse culture, Miami is sure to delight and excite everyone. During this four-day adventure, you will be able to celebrate your achievements, learn, relax, and explore— all while soaking up golden Florida sunshine.
Qualifiers will enjoy the classy comforts of the Royal Palms Hotel of South Beach Miami. Your hotel, transportation, and activity costs are on us. We’ll also be covering most of your meals and offering flight compensation up to $400 on basic airfare. So, get ready to join us on this dream vacation and make sure to pack your camera, your sunglasses, and some extra e9! 

How To Qualify:

We have two, six-month qualification periods allowing you double the chances to earn your spot. However, there are two ways to qualify for this trip. You can either:

  1. Rank advance to a “Team” Pin title for the first time and maintain that title for an additional month. 
  2. Or, if you currently hold a “Team” Pin Title,  maintain your highest “Team” Pin title for three months.

The “Team” Pin Titles are the Synergy ranks of Team Leader, Team Manager, Team Director, and Team Elite. If you’re able to maintain your title for the full six months, congratulations! Not only have you earned your trip to Miami, but you’ve also qualified for a guest ticket, so you can bring your spouse, best friend, or partner along.


Additionally, you can join Leadership Retreat 2021 at your own expense if you have earned commissions at a “Team” Pin Title or higher at least once during the qualification period. This buy-in option is also applicable for guests of qualifiers. 

  • Buy-in for Team Leader and above is $3,000
  • Buy-in for qualifier guest is $2,500

You don’t want to miss the fun in Miami! Organize your team, make a plan, and set this as a goal today. We are making the plans to party, and we want you with us.

Download the Leadership Retreat 2021 Infographic to share, print or post. Questions or concerns? Contact us today.

Go Gold and Visit Utah

Go Gold and Visit Utah

Join Synergy WorldWide in the heart of Utah by qualifying for our first Go Gold Retreat. Known for its gorgeous national parks, thrilling ski slopes, and world class visitor experiences, Utah provides a thriving setting for Synergy’s global headquarters. Let us bring you here.

For three days, you’ll be able to experience Synergy. Visit the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation. Take a personal tour of our Quality Assurance labs and Manufacturing Facility Explore the stunning mountains of Park City, and so much more. Qualifiers for the Go Gold Retreat will also receive flight compensation up to $300. Plus, your hotel, meals, and activity costs are all on us. We pay so you can party.


We have two, six-month qualification periods starting with July through December 2020, and followed by January through June 2021– allowing you twice the opportunity to earn your spot.

  1. Advance to the rank of Gold Title for the first time,
  2. Maintain your new title for an additional month

It’s that easy! Depending on the month in which your rank is maintained, you’ll be scheduled to visit Utah in the following February or August. However, we already have our February dates scheduled, so act now and join us February 4th-7th, 2021.

Now is the time to set goals, make plans, and earn your spot on our incredible Go Gold Retreat. Download our Go Gold Retreat Infographic to keep yourself on track, or to share it with your team. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly Customer Service agents.

Summer Sprint Promotion Winners

Summer Sprint Promotion Winners

Our Summer Sprint Promotion is officially over, and the final scores are in! Congratulations to everyone who participated. These dedicated Team Members sprinted during the month of June and earned their place in the tiers below. Drum roll please as we announce our winners:

TIER 2 WINNERS Dr. Michael Feulner
Roger Husbands
Advanced Body Corrective Center
Reign marketing & Consulting LLC
Noel Richards
Robert Dechiaro
Sandra Brown

TIER 1 WINNERS Cascade Chiropractic of South Dakota
Heather Moore
Dr. Phil Roberts
Wendy Simmons
KC Michigan Group INC.
Carmen M. De Leon Bonilla
Jerome Bell
Owen Bulgin

Again, congratulations to everyone who joined this promotion. To our winners, be sure to contact our friendly Customer Service agents to secure your prizes. Don’t forget to stay updated on our all future promotions and events by checking our digital calendar or downloading our PDF version.

New Summer Sprint Promotion

New Summer Sprint Promotion

Get ready for our brand-new Summer Sprint Promotion! Starting June 1st, all Team Members have the chance to earn a variety of prizes by personally sponsoring new Team Members during the month.
There are four tiers within this promotion. Each tier has specific criteria that corresponds with a prize. Every person who achieves a tier’s criteria will earn the prize attached. Additionally, each tier builds on the previous one, and as you progress, your prizes stack up.

Tier 1

  • Sponsor 2 new Team Members with a minimum of 150 CV (activation order) for each
  • Earn an Echo Dot OR a Google Nest!

Tier 2

  • Sponsor 3 new Team Members with a minimum of 150 CV (activation order) for each
  • Earn a Garmin Watch OR a Fitbit AND Tier 1 prizes!

Tier 3

  • Sponsor 5 new Team Members with a minimum of 150 CV (activation order) for each
  • Earn Airpods with charging case OR PowerBeats AND prizes from Tier 1 and 2!

Tier 4

  • This is for the Team Member with the MOST new recruits during the month of June, so only one individual will earn this prize. This person must have a minimum of 5 new Team Members with the minimum of 150 CV (activation order) each
  • This Team Member will earn an IPad 3rd Generation with a Pen OR a Galaxy Tablet with Pen AND prizes from Tier 1,2, and 3!

You don’t want to miss this! Click HERE to learn more about the Terms and Conditions of this promotion. For a visual guide of each tier, and the prizes they include, click HERE. Help us build our Synergy community and earn some sweet prizes for your efforts.

Questions? Please contact our friendly Customer Service agents today.



New Team Members can earn an extra $2400 by the end of this year! Synergy North America is offering this special promotional bonus for anyone who activates his or her Synergy business from now through December. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enroll as a new Synergy Team Member in October, November or December 2019.
  2. Achieve the BRONZE pin level: get a $200 bonus! This bonus comes in addition to the standard commissions and bonuses potentially earned.
  3. Achieve an even higher pin level: get a bigger, better bonus! All the way through Team Manager, the cash is yours for the taking.

New Pin Level / Rank Bonus

  • Bronze $200
  • Silver $300
  • Gold $400
  • Team Leader $500
  • Team Manager $1000

A few things to keep in mind:

  • If the new Team Member advances all the way from Bronze to Team Manager before the end of the year, they will earn $2400 total extra cash!
  • The pin level advancements need to be achieved by the newly enrolled Team Member before Jan 1, 2020.
  • This promotion only applies to new Team Members who have enrolled from October 1 through December 31, 2019.

This is a perfect time for existing Team Members to get the future Team Leaders and Team Managers you know into place. It is the perfect time to provide support and encouragement, helping them to build and maximize their Synergy income. Do not miss this limited-time promotion. Let’s finish 2019 in Synergy North America stronger than ever!

For information on rank advancements and pin level requirements, click here to access the Mega-Match Compensation Plan manual. Additional questions? Contact us today!