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The Power of Green

The Power of Green

While working towards Elite Health and better nutrition, we sometimes miss our helpful daily servings of grassy, leafy, POWERFUL veggies.  But Synergy has the solution. Made for daily goal-crushers, Synergy’s Essential Greens helps bridge the gap in your daily food intake.

Formulated to provide quick, effective nutrients, Essential Greens includes a significant amount of wheat grass, barley grass, and oat grass. These cereal grasses contain a wide range of potent plant compounds, including antioxidants and phytonutrients—both noted for their ability to protect, nourish, and strengthen the body.

Not only does Essential Greens provide the power of phytonutrients, it also harness the energy of nature— chlorophyll. Channeling the vitality of mighty photosynthesis, chlorophyll helps protect healthy cells and supports your immunity while also acting as a natural detoxifier. 

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