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Researchers Discover More Than 100 New Gut Bacteria

Researchers Discover More Than 100 New Gut Bacteria

In a significant leap forward for microbiome studies, researchers from the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Australia isolated and sequenced 105 brand new gut bacteria species.

Dr. Samuel Forster, first author on the research paper, said, “This study has led to the creation of the largest and most comprehensive public database of human health-associated intestinal bacteria. The gut microbiome plays a major [role] in health and disease. This important resource will fundamentally change the way researchers study the microbiome.”

Studies like this one are crucial to our understanding of the mighty microbiome, and it’s exciting to see more and more interest from the medical and scientific community around this topic. As our own studies conducted by The Hughes Center have established, the microbiome impacts virtually every system in the human body. With this particular discovery, we now know a little more about the vast microbiome, and can further understand its role in helping people achieve Elite Health.

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