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Congratulations to North America’s Newest Leaders!

Congratulations to North America’s Newest Leaders!

This past summer in North America proved to be one of our most exciting in recent memory! With new leaders taking the reins, and seasoned leaders building more than ever before, Synergy’s growth in North America has been phenomenal.

As of the end of September, North America has a new Pearl Executive, a new Team Manager, seven new Team Leaders, and many others successfully working their businesses. As if this weren’t exciting enough, many of the Team Leaders who advanced this summer are brand new to Synergy WorldWide!

We reached out to some of these new leaders and they were happy to let us in on some of their secrets to success and what drives them.

David Davidson is Synergy’s newest Pearl Executive! What drives him is a sincere desire to help others in need. He has demonstrated true leadership and dedication throughout his career with Synergy, and everyone here at Synergy is proud of him.

“I’d like to help others to help them achieve better health and better wealth. There are a lot of people around the world who are hurting, and I can honestly say that being able to help others is the hope I have. When I found Synergy, I found a perfect vehicle that will allow us the opportunity to help those who are in need.”

Olegario Munoz is brand new to Synergy and has worked his way to Team Leader quickly.

“What impressed me most about Synergy is the stability of the company. My success comes from helping people with their health and their dreams. Focusing on helping others achieve their goals will bring you success.”

Lucia Hullinger hit Team Leader two weeks after joining Synergy! She has been working and sharing the products and the business with everyone, and it’s paying off.

“I know I can be successful at anything I put my mind to. Something else that sets me apart is the love that I have for people. I love people and that resonates with them. I am trustworthy and honest and people know they can depend on that. My advice to other Team Members is to listen to that little voice inside of them telling them to tell that one friend about it. Your mind is going to try and make sense of it. You’ll come up with all kinds of reasons of why they can’t do it. Let them decide for themselves! It is a wonderful opportunity and they deserve to hear about it. They will be grateful and they will thank you for it later.”

Carlos Marcano has some great leaders to look up to, and he’s becoming a great leader himself.

“This is not a get rich overnight business. You have to work harder than everyone on your team. You have to give yourself to others. You have to become a leader builder, which means you have to build other people’s businesses and then your business will be great.”

Durlyne Holder reached Team Leader shortly after joining the Synergy team, and she sustained that rank three months in a row during the summer!

“Without a doubt, my success must be attributed to my team. We have successfully programmed and empowered each member of the team for success by providing a safe environment, which shouts, ‘you are in this business for yourself, but not by yourself.’ Our success is always collaborative in nature and it is predicated upon a shared vision and personal interaction at all levels of our organization.”

Jose Munoz is another leader who has climbed the ranks quickly in a very short time with Synergy. He is on the road to huge success, but knows that it takes a lot of hard work to get there.

“I have never seen a compensation plan like the one we have. Once I realized how amazing the products were, I knew that we could actually have all the team winning! It takes a lot of determination and working hard every day to be successful.”

We want to thank each of the new leaders taking North America by storm. Even though some of these leaders are just getting started, they’re really making names for themselves and proving that hard work and dedication lead to success. We can’t wait to see what else you can do!

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