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BIOME PROTECT KIT: Available July 18

BIOME PROTECT KIT: Available July 18

The Elite Health programs of Purify, Fortify, and Protect are launching around the world to help people unlock their potential. Now, we are only a few days away from the launch of Biome Protect, the first kit in Synergy’s Protect line.

Since its North American debut earlier this year, the Purify Kit has provided clinically formulated nutrition people need for a focused, one-week microbiome kickstart. After completing the Purify program, many hope to maintain their momentum, to continue focusing on microbiome health, and to continue experiencing the benefits. This is the purpose behind Synergy’s new Biome Protect Kit.

The Biome Protect Kit is composed of a one-month supply of clinically formulated products that target and support optimal microbiome balance. Probiotics, vegetable proteins, and many other powerful ingredients work to promote detoxification, encourage elimination, and maintain healthy microbiome balance.

The daily Biome Protect regimen includes the consumption of healthy, microbiome-friendly foods along with specified servings of Biome DTX, Biome Shake, and Biome Actives. These three revolutionary products have been highly acclaimed by Purify participants, and now they’ll be available to Protect!


Emerging science has awakened people around the world to the realize the power of the human microbiome, and the demand for Synergy’s top-quality Biome products is increasing. Beginning Tuesday, July 18, the Biome products of the Purify Kit will be available for individual purchase.

Product Price CV
Biome Shake $45 30
Biome Actives $40 30
Biome DTX $60 40
Biome Prime $30 20

With Synergy’s Biome products becoming individually available for the first time, we hope more people than ever before will be able to take a step toward Elite Health and support a better microbiome balance.

It is important to note, however, that the best value at which to purchase these remarkable products comes with the purchase of either the Purify Kit, or the new Biome Protect kit. We encourage people to experience the best results and the most significant steps toward Elite Health by utilizing complete kits, and strictly adhering to the corresponding program guidelines, including supplement intake and dietary recommendations.

Individually-purchased Purify products $245 Discount: 0
Purify Kit $179 DISCOUNT: 27%
Individually-purchased Biome Protect products $250 Discount: 0
Biome Protect Kit $189 DISCOUNT: 25%

Elite Health is a not a moment or snapshot in time. It’s a lifestyle, an enduring process that continues to strengthen your ability to live vibrantly and ambitiously every day. Protect Kits are designed to target your body’s individual systems, helping you maintain the level of Elite Health you have achieved. Unlock your potential with Synergy WorldWide.

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