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June 2017 Title Plus Earners

June 2017 Title Plus Earners

In June, Synergy paid out over $5,500 in Title Plus bonuses. A special congratulations goes out to these individuals who earned a bonus this month!

Keep working hard in order to earn the matching bonus by maintaining all new titles for 3 months! For more information about the 2017 Title Plus promotion, click here.

Team Leader
Virginia Albert Poyotte 2x Achieved
Earlwaine Cumberbatch 2x Achieved
Russell Scivally 2x Achieved

Russell Scivally 3x Achieved: $300 Matching Bonus
Virginia Albert Poyotte 2x Achieved
Earlwaine Cumberbatch 2x Achieved
Peter Randolph Elcock

Virginia Albert Poyotte 2x Achieved
Winston Cumberbatch 2x Achieved
Ansel Drummond 2x Achieved
Silvia Perez
Legair Brand Ltd
Marylene Albert
Peter Randolph Elcock
Dr. Jeff Miceli

Dr. Shannon Bone 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Mindy Weber 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Virginia Albert Poyotte 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Peter Randolph Elcock 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Winston Cumberbatch 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Ansel Drummond 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Jodi Brumfield 2x Achieved
Marylene Albert 2x Achieved
Dr. Daren Bowlby 2x Achieved
Gary Wright 2x Achieved
Dr. Jeff Miceli 2x Achieved
Michael Mcneil 2x Achieved
Durlyne Holder 2x Achieved
Legair Brand Ltd
Sandra Dorlema Brereton
Julita Greaves-cumberbatch
Wendy Twohey
Dejan Holder
Gloria Charles
Kayla Restko

Ruth T. Stroud 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Dr Anthony Galante 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Susana De Santiago 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Sandra Dorlema Brereton 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Julita Greaves-cumberbatch 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Vanessa Lawrence 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Dr. Josh Neslon 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Michael Mcneil 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Christopher Graham 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Tera Cottle 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Yency L. Hill 2x Achieved
Marylene Albert 2x Achieved
Dr. John Dickerson 2x Achieved
Julianne Celeste Scott 2x Achieved
Winnie Anderson-brown 2x Achieved
Henrietta Parker 2x Achieved
Dr. Gary Veytsman 2x Achieved
Shawnte Broadus 2x Achieved
Wendy Twohey 2x Achieved
Catharine Harvey 2x Achieved
Delroy Grant 2x Achieved
Fidelis Alexander 2x Achieved
Rita William 2x Achieved
Rosanna Detweiler 2x Achieved
Victor Poyotte 2x Achieved
Michael Armstrong 2x Achieved
Elizabeth Temple- Holmes 2x Achieved
Dejan Holder 2x Achieved
Durlyne Holder 2x Achieved
Gloria Charles 2x Achieved
Dr. Edwin Thompson 2x Achieved
Kayla Restko 2x Achieved
Juanita Shockley
Juliana St. Edward
Angelique Jean-francois
Akash Ragoonanan
Gary Thompson
Carolyn Drummond
Carlon Walkes
Dr. Kurt Simons
Aaron Jordan
Dr. Carol Gill
Stario Elcock
Dr. Dwayne Allison
Winston Bell
Ray Sales
Julin White
Derek Robingson
Brock Diedeker
Amy Robinson
Saesha Mcallister
Brad Kitchen
Anne Kitchen
Karsen Liljenquist
Veronica Conley

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