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Elite Honors Spotlight: Sandra Rangel

Elite Honors Spotlight: Sandra Rangel

Month after month, Team Members are discovering just how much is attainable when they set a goal to become Elite Honors Qualified each month. Team Members who have qualified multiple months are seeing the fruits of their labors and some are going the extra mile by maintaining their highest pin titles to earn the Go Elite Promotion bonus.
Sandra Rangel, a Bronze from Florida, is a medical doctor from Columbia who now practices holistic medicine. After dealing with some of her own medical complications, her views on what it takes to be healthy shifted. While in Finland, Sandra met Emerald Executives Eric and Kati Gammals who introduced her to Synergy. Being a doctor, Sandra knows that the majority of health supplements manufactured today should not be trusted. However, after meeting the brains behind Synergy’s quality and research teams, touring Nature’s Sunshine’s and Synergy’s manufacturing facility, and exploring the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, she knew Synergy products were different. She has been recommending Synergy products to her clients, friends, and family ever since.

“Eric and Kati challenged me to become Elite Honors Qualified, and I’ve accomplished this challenge two months in a row. They have been great examples to me. I know that if I continue to become Elite Honors Qualified I can build a stable income and live freely. I believe in Synergy products, and by believing in them I am also earning a living and building something bigger. I have a broader vision of what’s possible through Synergy.

I am encouraging others to become Elite Honors Qualified now. I’m telling them there is a way to succeed in this business. I’ve seen the Gammals’ success and made them my mentors. They are leading me and helping me understand the importance of duplication. The goal is to continue qualifying and help others to do the same.”

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