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Elite Honors Spotlight: Cheuntel Kunkler

Elite Honors Spotlight: Cheuntel Kunkler

elitehonors-spotlightsMonth after month, Team Members are discovering just how much is attainable when they set a goal to become Elite Honors Qualified each month. Team Members who have qualified multiple months are seeing the fruits of their labors and some are going the extra mile by maintaining their highest pin titles to earn the Go Elite Promotion bonus.

Cheuntel Kunkler, a Star from California, is a healer who helps people regain their health through natural remedies. She created a wellness program for her clients that includes Synergy products. After changing her poor health around, she found purpose in helping others do the same thing. She turned to nutrition and ingredients that are found in Synergy products to help her on her journey to wellness. Cheuntel has been an entrepreneur for 25 years and a Synergy Team Member for two years.
Due to her background in entrepreneurism, she said she has been introduced to a number of direct selling companies, but found that Synergy WorldWide fit best with her personal beliefs and goals.

Her Synergy business has been primarily focused on bringing in customers, but now that her customers have built a belief in the product, Cheuntel as seen a growing interest in her customers wanting to become distributors.

“My sponsor Bill Muth encouraged me to sign up two distributors in October, so I did both the last day of the month! I work full time and usually do 10-12 massages per day, so I have a lot on my plate, so I rely on the people who come through my studio door to become my customers and distributors. I keep Synergy product in stock in my studio at all times and I get a lot of customers this way. I make my Synergy business part of what I do every day.

I’m driven to help others, and through Elite Honors and the Go Elite Promotion I’m rewarded for helping, which is amazing. I do what I can to help people every day and Synergy is part of my toolbox. I researched Synergy for a long time before signing up. I have high expectations because I’m extremely organic and only purchase products have not been treated with chemicals, but Synergy’s integrity and its products are up to par with my standards.”

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