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Elite Honors Spotlight: Dan Hammer

Elite Honors Spotlight: Dan Hammer

Since the launch of the Elite Honors Club and the Go Elite Promotion, North America Team Members have adopted the principles, applied them to their own businesses, and taught others to abide by the same business building structure.

These same Team Members are now convinced that this is the most productive way to build a stable, profitable Synergy business, and see financial results quickly.

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See what one Team Member had to say about his rewarding experience so far:

Dan Hammer, Chicago, Illinois
Team Leader

“Synergy gave me a platform to build a stable business through Elite Honors. Elite Honors’ message is that having both customers and business builders in your organization is important because customers create cash flow and business builders create long-term residual income. They’ve given us the perfect model for success and all the tools that go with it.

I’ve been building my business with customers for a long time, adding business builders along the way. With customers, I simply introduce them to the product and they begin generating customer volume on their own without me having to do anything. You can easily earn commissions from customers alone. I earned an extra $600 because I was Elite Honors qualified and maintained my highest title of Team Leader, and that was for doing what I’ve always done as a business builder.

Now, I just have to teach others that being Elite Honors qualified significantly contributes to rank advancements and it will grow their residual income stream. When people see the potential that this model has, they will have a reason to work. It’s easy to create interest in Synergy through Elite Honors because we have the tools and presentation to do it. Lastly, you’ll only have one question to ask: Do you want to be a happy customer or do you want to be in the business of enhancing health with Synergy products?”

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