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Elite Honors vs. Go Elite

Elite Honors vs. Go Elite


Since their launch at BBC in June, Synergy’s Elite Honors Club and Go Elite Promotion have fueled activity throughout North America – incentivizing business-building activities with recognition and extra cash.

However, because the Elite Honors Club and Go Elite promotion are so closely tied, we felt it necessary to provide a quick breakdown of how they differ so that you can better understand how to leverage each in Synergy’s financial roadmap to success.

Elite Honors Club

Becoming Elite Honors qualified means qualifying for the Elite Honors Club, and is a true indicator of success within a Synergy business. Earning this acclaimed status is possible if you accomplish these three simple steps in each calendar month:

1. Have an active Autoship template and 150 CV in personal volume.
2. Activate two new Team Members at 150 CV or 1 new Team Member at 300 CV.
3. Generate and maintain a pool of 500 CV in customer volume.

By following this plan, you will translate quick upfront money into long-term residual income and can earn at least $500 in three months. In addition to being on your way to stable financial growth, as an Elite Honors Club member you will enjoy a number of perks exclusive to this esteemed club, including special recognition, event perks, discounts, and an Elite Honors Club pin.

Click here for more details on becoming Elite Honors qualified.

Go Elite Promotion

Available through December 2015, Synergy’s Go Elite promotion pays out an additional cash bonus to qualified Team Members in North America.

Star: $75
Bronze: $150
Silver: $300
Gold: $400
Team Leader: $600
Team Manager: $750

As noted above, the Go Elite promotion is only available to Team Members at the Star through Team Manager levels. The following two qualifications must be met during a commission period to be paid the bonus:

1. Be Elite Honors qualified.
2. Maintain your highest pin title or achieve a new highest pin title at the Star through Team Manager levels.

Team Members can earn this bonus month after month, without any limit. Simply meet the above qualifications and Synergy will pay you the Go Elite promotion on top of what the compensation plan already pays.

Here are a few scenarios to help better understand how this works:

Example 1: In July 2015 John becomes Elite Honors qualified and maintains his highest pin title of Silver for that month, a pin title he had earned back in February. Congratulations, John has earned a Go Elite bonus of $300 for July.

Example 2: Sally is currently a Gold, but in the month of August she rank advances to Team Leader. However, Sally does not become Elite Honors qualified in August because she only had 150 CV in activation volume. We congratulate Sally for her new title, but unfortunately she does not qualify for the bonus because she’s not Elite Honors qualified.

Example 3: In July 2015 Karen becomes Elite Honors qualified, but her current highest title is Silver and her volume was only at the Bronze level for July, so she does not earn the Go Elite bonus for that month. But in August, her entire team is engaged and she rank advances to Gold that month – a new highest title. She also becomes Elite Honors qualified for the second month in a row. Congratulations to Karen, she earns $400 in Go Elite promotion payout.

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