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Synergy leaders speak out about BBC 2015

 Synergy leaders speak out about BBC 2015

Synergy WorldWide recently leaked Business Builder Conference 2015 announcements to some of its top leaders, letting them in on a game-changing strategy that will prompt progressive changes in the Synergy business we know and love today. Knowledge of Synergy’s future plans have these leaders buzzing about the company’s potential in coming years, and Synergy executives cannot wait to reveal all of the excitement to you June 5-6, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah at the culminating BBC event.
Synergy North America’s highest ranking leaders know how important this event is to their businesses, and they want you to share their excitement. After reading their comments, you’ll understand why BBC tickets are going to sell out in seconds.

Be ready to register for BBC at 9 a.m. sharp on April 15 through the registration site.

Paul Blad, Presidential Executive
“The simplified direction Synergy plans to take in product marketing this summer is something everyone should look forward to. The company is streamlining the way we share Synergy products and, ultimately, grow the business. This, coupled with new incentives and promotions, will widen our demographic and make sharing Synergy’s products and financial opportunities easier than ever. This new strategy comes down to being organized. We are giving people a solid track to follow that will take them where they want to go in the company. By attending BBC, all of us can get on the same page and move forward with the same vision.”

Dane Iorg, Presidential Executive
“You can learn more in two days at BBC than you can in six months of phone calls and webinars. You have all the executives in the same room talking specifically to you, and they want to help you succeed. You can learn so much just by mingling with other Team Members. The motivation you came to BBC with will be multiplied by 100 by the time you leave. I promise you that.”

Steve Seely, Pearl Executive
“BBC gives the collective Synergy North America team a sense of direction, and the direction that will be introduced at this year’s conference is going to rock your world. The new promotions and packages that executives will unveil are going to allow us to reinvest in ourselves and allow us to feel more confident about sharing Synergy’s products and mission. We’ll all be on track with the new vibe Synergy is creating.”

Brian Holt, Team Elite
“In my 12 years with Synergy I have never been more excited about what lies ahead with Synergy. If you have ever been serious about making something out of you Synergy business, you absolutely do now want to miss this event. With the direction of our new general manager Shane Greer we are reinventing Synergy North America. Not only are we reinventing it, we are re-branding and reorganizing—it’s incredible! Everyone know we have the best products and best compensation plan, and after BBC we’ll have the best income-building system out there. You’ll know exactly how to earn $500 per month in three-months time. The tools that Synergy will put into our hands at BBC are going to create explosive growth. This isn’t hype; I truly believe this.”

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