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Synergy WorldWide 2014 Top 50 Challenge Results.

Top 50 Challenge Final 2014

Synergy WorldWide is pleased to announce the final results of our 2013 Top 50 Challenge.

We sincerely congratulate and thank these fifty North American Team Members who led the market in business building activity. The names on this prestigous list belong to those who were able to effectively enroll, sponsor, advance in ranks and build strong teams. They set an example and truly deserve to be recognized.

From January to September, the Top 50 Challenge was a source of motivation and reward for the Team Members on this list. Many of them earned monthly prizes, from iPads and iPods to Synergy-branded merchandise. The greatest reward though, lies still ahead.

Every Team Members on this list who earned at least 10,000 points have a luxurious Los Cabos vacation to look forward to this December. Soon an email will arrive in their inbox featuring an invitation and registration link. We look forward to seeing these hard working leaders enjoy some fun and relaxation in Mexico. They’ve earned every bit of it.

Top 50 Team Members
North America, 2014

Mark Comer 28,432
Henriette Parker 23,953
Brent Burnett 21,405
Sandra L. Kerner 19,341
Lee & Crystal Edwards 18,686
Chris Chadburn 16,985
Gwen Brown 16,373
Melissa Larsen 14,840
Cliff & Janice Rosang 14,350
Edward Wertz 13,952
Vic Sevilla & Jerry Vergin 13,688
Dan Hammer 13,686
Steve Johnson 13,027
Joy & Richard Matwyshen 12,892
Lor Pace 12,411
Bart Woodcook 12,261
KC Michigan Group, Inc. 11,551
Margie Dean 11,050
Lara Drulle 10,840
Marty & Heather Holker 10,802
Gary Burnett 10,580
Pamela Krajnik 10,532
Carol Priem 10,443
Nancy Kerbs 10,280
Barton & Sheila Lund 10,271
Michelle J. Duncan 10,060
Dane Iorg 9,935
Luis & Tammy Rodriguez 9,202
Daniel J. McNabb 9,020
William Bruce Jr. 8,413
Charlie Thorn 8,359
Gerri Bingham 8,292
Buak Su Kwak 8,098
Paul Blad & Rudy Pedroza 7,829
Emilia Eiras 7,789
Anna Bergman 7,492
Dr. Bruce Lewandowski 7,396
Connie Nielsen 7,295
Thomas McCray 7,133
Pete Miller 6,933
Leslie Kentrolis 6,797
Trudy Northcutt 6,725
Thu Nguyen 6,602
Dr. Charina Holmes DC, Inc 6,596
Corrine Brandi 6,417
Susan Bober 6,270
Dr. Glenn Clearie 6,231
Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer 5,658
Brian & Sara Holt 5,650
William D. Styles 5,455
For totals and rankings below the Top 50, please refer to the weekly updated leaderboard.

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