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2014 End of Year Team Leader Business Booster Promotion

Team Leader Business Booster Promotion

New Team Members who activate between October 1 – December 31, and advance to Team Leader by March 31 of next year, will be awarded with a new position created at the top of their weak leg!

This is the first time Synergy has ever done a promotion of this kind. Imagine earning the rank of Team Leader, and along with your pin your receive a certificate allowing you to place one new enrollment at the top of your weak leg. Very exciting!

Share this news with your potential Team Members, and help them get excited about this bonus value that will be added to their business as a result of their consistent activity!


  • John Doe activates in November with an order of 300CV.
    • (His sponsor may be eligible for a $50 Fast Start Bonus! Want to know how to DOUBLE that bonus? Check out our other promotion by clicking here.)
  • John maintains Elite Qualification.
  • He advances to Team Leader on March 7, 2015.
  • John then receives a certificate that allows him to insert Jane, a promising, prospective Team Member, at the top of his weak leg!

To view a webinar in which Synergy Vice President Stewart Rutter explains this promotion, along with the Fast Start Bonus Booster promotion, click here.

Promotion Details
  • Only new Team Members who enroll between Oct. 1 and Dec. 30, 2015 are eligible to earn the certificate.
  • The rank of Team Leader or higher must be achieved by the newly enrolled Team Member before March 31, 2015.
  • This newly enrolled Team Member must activate with either at least a 300CV order and maintain Elite Qualification (an active autoship template featuring 150CV monthly order) every month after activation.
  • Only one certificate may be earned per Team Member.
  • If a consumer or Team Member returns orders that qualified the Team Member to receive a payout or a certificate, the payout will be “clawed back” and/or the certificate will be cancelled.
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