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Recap: Dr. Sandberg's Exclusive Group Event

Recap: Dr. Sandberg’s Exclusive Group Event

Here at Synergy HQ, we are always excited to have Team Members from around the world pay us a visit. This last weekend was especially exciting.

Team Director Dr. Jim Sandberg made arrangements for about 25 members of his team to fly in to Salt Lake City. Some came from Kansas, some from South Dakota, several from the east coast, some from the west coast, and even one happy Canadian! These guests were prepared to soak-up as much information as they could, information they planned to apply to their individual businesses.

Dr. Sandberg planned carefully, organizing leaders from his upline to speak to and train his team. He worked with Synergy’s corporate staff to arrange a tour of the manufacturing facility. Lynda Hammons, Synergy’s VP of Quality Assurance, was there to welcome the group and give them an up-close look at each lab in her department. The group met and learned from members of our Executive Team, including Synergy President Dan Norman and VP Stewart Rutter.

This group brought a contagious energy, and made each tour and training session a lot of fun.  Most had already experienced the benefits of the products for themselves. All were enthusiastic about the earning potential created by the compensation plan. They enjoyed meals together, learned from each other, helped on another and an overall fantastic team experience.

On behalf of Synergy North America, we would like to sincerely thank Dr. Jim Sandberg and everyone of his guests for coming to be with us at this event. It was truly a pleasure to have you, and we wish you all the best in your efforts.

To any other leaders that would be interested in following Dr. Sandberg’s example, we invite you to contact us. We would be happy to help you organize an exclusive event for your Team.
Remember: The 2014 Business Builder Conference is just over two months away. Many of those who were here last weekend will be attending this event as well, as the Business Builder Conference is an unparalleled event for Synergy’s North American Team Members. The early-bird registration discount ends this Friday, February 28. Don’t miss it— Register here today!

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