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Update: Smart Switch Challenge

Update: Smart Switch Challenge

“I’ve lost 15.4 pounds in 28 days. All I can say is Dan Norman better stay really focused.”
-Dan Higginson, Founder, Synergy WorldWide.

“I feel great. This is actually easy. I think the win is going to come down to which one of us puts in the extra effort, which means, of course, that I’m going to win.”
-Dan Norman, President, Synergy WorldWide.


What is the official challenge time period?
February 1 through May 1. The sooner you start, the better your results. The better your results, the better chance you have of winning.

Is it too late to get the Smart Switch Special?
No! The good news is that the “Buy 5 Health Shakes, Get 1 Free” offer is continuing throughout March! Click here to order.

How often should participants submit their challenge forms?
We encourage participants to submit a form weekly. The more consistent submissions will have better chances of winning prizes. Click here to access the challenge form.

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