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Top 10 Winners for October 2013

Top 10 Winners for October

Congratulations to Steve & Roxanne Seely for coming in at #1 for October! These two leaders are maintaining a consistent rate of success and setting a good example for all North American Synergy business builders! Another big congratulations goes out to Barton & Sheila Lund for coming in as the #2 point earners in North America. We hope that the Lunds, the Seelys, and all of our Monthly Top 10 Winners enjoy their prizes and keep up the good work!

Take a look at the rest of the Top 10 and the points they earned last month:

September Top 10 Winners

Rank Name Points
1 Steve & Roxanee Seely 12015 iPad Mini
2 Barton & Sheila Lund 5263 iPad Mini
3 Joy & Richard Matwyshen 4835 Kindle Fire
4 Lee & Crystal Edwards 4357 Kindle Fire
5 John Delagrange 4058 Synergy Luggage
6 Melissa Larsen 3963 Synergy Luggage
7 Sandra L. Kerner 3858 iPod Nano
8 Cynthia Wiggins 3717 iPod Nano
9 Michael Katcher 3674 Synergy Backpack, SLMsmart Health Shake
10 Levi Troyer 3058 Synergy Backpack, SLMsmart Health Shake

Will you be on the November Top 10 Winners List? Remember, each month is a clean slate. As the year goes on, people are pushing hard to take home the prizes!

Cancun is approaching!
 The points you earn each month are accumulating, and at the end of 2013 the Top 50 point earners are going to find themselves qualified to enjoy a Cancun vacation together to celebrate a successful year*. There are still two months to qualify! Click here to learn all about Synergy’s Top 50 Challenge. 

See if you’ve made the list of the current Cumulative Top 50 >>

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