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November 2013 Message from Howard Hannemann

November Message from Howard Hannemann

Aloha Synergy Team Members! What an amazing October! It may be getting colder outside, but Synergy North America is heating up!

A big “congratulations” goes out to our newest Team Directors, Dr. Jim Sandberg and Lee Edwards. Their advancement and accomplishment shows a tremendous commitment to not only their fellow Team Members, but also to the overall mission of Synergy in “Leaving a Legacy.”

All successful Synergy Team Members share one thing in common: they understand the value of providing support to their team. This new title that Lee and Jim have earned comes as other members of their teams advance to new ranks right along with them. Team Leaders, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Stars. It takes a team to succeed.

Jim and Lee understand that the key to success in this business is to “lead a large group of people to do a few simple actions consistently over a long period of time.” Ask yourself if you are doing the simple actions each day to grow your business. Are you helping your group to do those few simple actions each day? What are these simple actions? For starters, are you sharing your Synergy “why,” the reason you started your business? Perhaps you started your business to improve your lifestyle or your financial position. Maybe it was because you wanted to improve your health. Whatever the “why,” people want to hear it. Your personal experience is yours and it’s powerful. Share it every day!

My favorite part of attending our meetings throughout North America (and there were some great ones this past month) is hearing our Team Members share their own, unique Synergy story. They are impactful. They make me want to know more about the person and their business. Don’t stop sharing those stories!

We are now in the final two months of this year. The Synergy Advantage– our company, products, and opportunity–  is stronger than ever. Make the most of the extra incentives that run until the end of this year. Double your Fast Start Bonus. Hit new titles. Qualify for Cancun. Run hard and enjoy the benefits for years to come. Now is the time.

All the best,

Howard Hannemann
Director of Sales, Synergy Worldwide

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