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Commitment to Sustainability

Commitment to Sustainability

As a force of nature, we are committed to protecting nature and creating a healthier planet by being environmentally and social responsible at every level of our supply chain and in every community we touch. 

OUR ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIPSharing nature’s healing power means preserving it for future generations, so caring for the environment is central to what we do. That’s why we prioritize reducing the environmental footprint of our manufacturing facilities, working with farmers to support organic and regenerative agricultural practices, and choosing suppliers who share our values.We demonstrate our commitment to responsible environmental stewardship by strengthening and supporting our efforts to reduce environmental harm to the planet. This includes: 

• Operational efficiencies: waste, water, and energy reduction

• Responsible sourcing

• Sustainable packaging

• Greenhouse gas emissions and climate action


Together with Nature’s Sunshine, Synergy is proud to ensure that sustainability and transparency are meaningfully incorporated into every aspect of our business, including sourcing and harvesting of our raw materials and our supply chain and manufacturing operations. 

Over thousands of years, communities throughout the world have embraced natural remedies from their surroundings and passed down their knowledge and experience for generations. Even with the technology and medicines of our modern age, the power of ancient remedies continues to attract new audiences. 

The sustainable and ethical sourcing of botanical ingredients is more important than ever, as global demand for nature-derived health and wellness products continue to grow. Our unsurpassed botanical ingredients are harvested throughout indigenous communities worldwide with the help of people who know and respect the plants they harvest. 
Selecting partners that support and protect the physical, economic and cultural well-being of these communities makes good business sense and is the right thing to do. Through these conscious choices, we help local communities thrive, create trusting and lasting working relationships, and create better products.


Sustainability and transparency are at the forefront of our strategies and daily decision-making. Whether sourcing, formulating, manufacturing or quality testing, our commitment to care for the planet will guide our actions. 
We ethically source hundreds of unique raw ingredients and botanicals from various ecosystems around the world that are both cultivated and wild crafted. We are constantly looking to partner with farmers and collectors who share our passion for clean, pure, and sustainable botanical materials. We prefer organic, non-GMO, and regeneratively farmed materials, and we also support equitable labor practices. We devote time and resources to finding and verifying supplier sites and farms to ensure best practices, and we are committed to continuing to transition our business to suppliers who share our ideals. 

Additionally, the vast majority of our carbon emissions come from our supplier network. By making these considerations a key factor in the supplier selection process, we are looking to significantly reduce our supplier footprint.

Read more about our 2021 environmental, social, and governance report HERE.

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