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December Achievements 2020

December Achievements 2020

We extend sincere congratulations to the enthusiastic Synergy Team Members sharing Elite Health across North America. In December of 2020, the men and women listed below advanced to new ranks of success in their business. It is our privilege to recognize them for the time and energy they have invested into reaching their goals, and helping people unlock their potential. Please join us in congratulating the following Team Members across North America:
Ami SuganumaCarlos Santos Otero
Cecilio Jose Padilla Zorrilla
StarHiyori PinedaFangui LeeLisa BelconKim RempersadNora CarambotBernardio VazquezElsa CharlesLisa Charles

TOP RECRUITER Team Members with the most personally sponsored Tracking Centers

Judith ArellanoRobin FrancisVictor De La HozCecilio Jose Padilla ZorrillaRobert DechiaroDr. Jim SandbergJamie E. Pichardo BatistaLuis Jesus Torres

TOP TEAM BUILDER Team Members with the most personally sponsored rank advancements

Cecilio Jose Padilla ZorrillaJaime E. Pichardo BatistaRobin FrancisJodie

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