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FEEL THE POWER Virtual Event Recap

FEEL THE POWER Virtual Event Recap

We’re still enjoying the momentum and success of our first virtual event: FEEL THE POWER. For those who missed it, we have compiled a brief recap featuring the incredible highlights of our live event.
FEEL THE POWER started with a bang as Josh McKell announced two brand-new incentive retreat promotions: Go Gold and Leadership Retreat. Both events are set to feature exciting destinations and business value. The qualification periods are already in full swing! Be sure to check out our blog for specific qualification details, because you don’t want to miss out.
Attendees were also given a sneak preview of our newest wellness supplement (stay tuned!). In fact, each attendee received exclusive invitations and access to classes specifically designed around this soon-to-launch product. The training courses focus on marketing strategies, social media coaching, and the scientific foundation of the formula. 

  • Dan Higginson, Synergy Founder, spoke on Synergy’s growth over the years. 
  • Mark Comer, Triple Presidential Executive, presented an eye-opening training on the fundamentals of his business system. 
  • Dianne Leavitt, Double Presidential Executive, shared unique business strategies to increase team unity and create new opportunities. 
  • Rudy Pedroza, Presidential Executive, voiced the need for cohesion between business strategy and technology to continue growing each market. 
  • Dr. Joseph Lamb, the Medical Director of the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation, gave a scientific review of our newest wellness supplement, including its unique formula and ingredient list. 
  • Andrew Earl, Manager of Field Sales and Digital Marketing, taught useful social media marketing strategies by utilizing content prepared in the Pulse back office. 

Did you know that limited-edition “Feel the Power” swag was designed just for the occasion? Several event attendees won hats, bags, shirts and more just for attending! Congrats to each of you! We have a variety of options available to order with a range of colors, sizes, and styles. Whatever your preference, you can always rep Synergy. Click here to see the “Feel the Power” Synergy options.
Thank you to all who registered, attended, and participated in our first major virtual event. It was a phenomenal success, but this event was only the beginning and there is more to come for Synergy North America!

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