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“Discovering Synergy” Webinar Series

“Discovering Synergy” Webinar Series

Tune in every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM (MST) for a newly updated webinar series during the month of July. This webinar series introduce Synergy WorldWide to new or potential Team Members with an easily accessible video presentation. 
These live webinars, hosted by National Sales Director Josh McKell, will be replacing our weekly calls. Additionally, the first webinar will be recorded and stored in Pulse, your digital back office, in the near future. This webinar series also features new visual content to illustrate the messages discussed. Calling in by phone is an option, however we encourage you to join us through the Zoom link below for the complete experience. 
Simply click HERE
Meeting ID: 182 027 433
Dates: July 7, 14, 21, 28
Time: 7 PM (MST)
By phone: +1 (669) 900 6833 (audio only)

These webinars will occur throughout July and help build our community at Synergy WorldWide. We will also be posting information about each webinar to our Facebook group, and our new Synergy calendar, so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 
We encourage you to set a reminder, invite your team, and get ready to participate in our new “Discovering Synergy” webinar series.

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