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Webinar Recording: Maximum Earning Potential Part II

Webinar Recording: Maximum Earning Potential Part II

Watch the new recording of our second Maximum Earning Potential webinar, which provided a detailed discussion of Synergy’s compensation plan. 

Led by Andrew Earl, Manager of Field Sales and Digital Media, this webinar introduced the benefits of retail profit, Fast Start Bonus, and Elite Rebate, as well as the importance of having a monthly order of 150 CV. Maintaining this order volume enables each Team Member to earn commissions from the sales generated within their business. 
Additionally, this webinar ended with a challenge for the month:

  • Ensure your Tracking Center 1 is qualified this month with 150 CV and
  • Enroll and activate one new Team Member with a 150 CV minimum order
  • Bonus Challenge: Enroll one new Preferred Customer at any CV amount

Completing this challenge will immediately have a positive impact upon your own commission check!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for part three, occurring Wednesday, July 15th, as we share the last segment of the series regarding Synergy’s Compensation Plan. Be sure to check our blog, as we will post a separate article including the webinar registration details.

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