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Webinar Recording: Maximize Your Earnings Part I

Webinar Recording: Maximize Your Earnings Part I

Earlier this month, we introduced the first of a 3-part webinar series providing a detailed discussion of Synergy’s compensation plan. 

Led by Andrew Earl, Manager of Field Sales and Digital Media, this webinar introduced the dual-linear Mega-Match compensation plan. Likewise, the webinar further highlighted Synergy’s industry-leading guarantee of a 55% payout for all commissionable sales volume, enabling each Team Member to maximize their earnings.
Additionally, this webinar ended with a challenge for the month:

  • Sponsor at least one new individual this month and 
  • Help each of your personally sponsored Team Members to earn more commission than they earned the previous month

Completing this challenge can lead to a positive impact upon your own Mega-Match earnings!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for part two, occurring Wednesday, June 17th as we’ll be sharing more details regarding the Synergy Compensation Plan and why the Mega-Match Bonus is so unique.

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