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New Text Messaging Service

New Text Messaging Service

Want a quick answer to a simple question? Send us a text! Synergy’s Customer Support team is excited to announce a text messaging service enabling you to contact them directly, conveniently, and quickly. Contacting Synergy has never been easier.

Simply send a text, in English or Spanish, to 801.701.8852 during Customer Service operating hours, and one of our agents will promptly reply within just a few minutes.


Ideal text questions may include:

What’s the status of my order?How much commission have I earned?What is my current Pin level?How many of my customers have placed orders this month?When is my Autoship scheduled?What products come in my Autoship order?
If your question requires more detail, the agent may ask to speak with you by phone to more adequately assist you.


  • Please text us using the phone number that you have saved on file for your Synergy account. This will help us to identify you and locate your account information more quickly. If we have no record of the phone number you are using, the agent will ask to verify your identity prior to assisting you.
  • This text messaging service does not replace our regular customer service phone lines. A phone call is appropriate for discussing more detailed topics such as processing a new enrollment.
  • Avoid sending private information (i.e. social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc.) via text message. We will not send or ask you to send private information in a text message. Protecting your personal information is very important to us. If a conversation requires the disclosure of secure information, the agent will request to connect with you on a phone call.
  • By participating in this texting service, only you may initiate a text conversation. Our agents will only reply to a message they receive. You are not opting into an ongoing messaging service.
  • Text messages that we receive outside of our normal business hours will be answered the following business day.
  • Standard message and data rates may apply based upon your personal cell carrier’s text message plan.

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