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New Team Manager – Dan Hammer

New Team Manager – Dan Hammer

In January, Dan Hammer became Synergy North America’s newest Team Manager. We want to congratulate him on this milestone, and for his hard work and tireless dedication to Synergy WorldWide. This month is particularly fitting to celebrate a rising leader who has worked hard to share heart health education throughout his career.

Dan is a veteran in the health arena. With an extensive background in exercise physiology, he has devoted much of his life to pinpointing exactly what the body needs to function optimally. On a personal level, Dan has always looked for natural solutions to help him excel in his active lifestyle as a competitive soccer player. So, when Synergy introduced ProArgi-9+ in 2008, Dan was eager to try the formula and put it to the test.

On ProArgi-9+

“ProArgi-9+ made a significant difference in my athletic performance. I could immediately tell that it gave me greater endurance. I also had no soreness the next day after playing soccer, which was something I always experienced before. My wife also used it for her high blood pressure, and it made a huge difference for her. So, I decided to learn more about l-arginine and nitric oxide. And I started to create videos to help educate others on this remarkable product.
It’s an ideal product for every person. Everyone has an endothelium that lines their cardiovascular system. If you look at scientific research, nitric oxide is critical to cardiovascular health. The key is how to create interest to help people want to improve their health. So, instead of trying to sell ProArgi-9+, we decided to focus on educating people on Nitric Oxide Therapy and then let them know that our product of choice is ProArgi-9+.”

On Being a Part of Synergy WorldWide

“Pure and simple, it’s helping people improve their health. It’s what I’m passionate about. And I’m associated with a company that has products that truly help people improve their health. Products that are affordable and effective.”

On His Success

“It means that we’re beginning to have an impact. That our marketing efforts are beginning to create momentum. Now, it’s figuring out how to expand the effort and help our Team Members understand how to duplicate the message. That message is Nitric Oxide Therapy to address most cardiovascular health concerns, with our product of choice being ProArgi-9+.”

On the Legacy He Hopes to Leave

“Our legacy and our ‘why’ is The Million Lives Project. Synergy Worldwide has products that address the two major areas of need: cardiovascular health and gut health. Our legacy will be to help 1 million people, or more, understand how Nitric Oxide Therapy can naturally address most cardiovascular health concerns. And for those with other forms of health distress or weight management issues, how changing their gut health can help them improve their wellbeing and live a more vibrant life.”

Dane Iorg – Presidential Executive

“It’s extremely hard to find a more devoted Synergy Team Member than Dan.” “I want to congratulate Dan on achieving the rank of Team Manager. First and foremost, Dan is a kind and compassionate person. Dan is also a hard worker and daily puts in the time it takes to become a successful Synergy distributor.

Dan is passionate about health and he knows the science behind Synergy’s products. The truth is this— if Dan didn’t think Synergy’s products were of the highest standards in the industry, he wouldn’t be a distributor with Synergy. Dan’s integrity is what is most important to him, and when he says something, it is what he believes. Dan’s opinions are not idle opinions because one of Dan’s passions is learning as much as he can about health. Anyone who knows Dan, knows that he is highly educated in the field of health and nutrition.

Dan’s goal is to continue to build a robust and successful Synergy business. The remarkable thing about Dan is that he wants everyone else to do the same. It’s extremely hard to find a more devoted Synergy Team Member than Dan.”

Robert Wischmeier – Team Leader

“He is spoken of across the Synergy world with respect and appreciation. He has earned that reputation.” “I’ve been associated with Dan for many years. Years ago he took a course on ‘Branding Yourself,’ and made the decision to create a YouTube presence on health issues, using Nitric Oxide Therapy as an initial concept. He has always used that language, Nitric Oxide Therapy, when teaching or leading discussions. He leads with NO and uses ProArgi-9+ as his ‘product of choice.’ It was a brilliant concept and has proven itself over and over. We all do this now. To date he has hundreds of YouTube videos and has certainly branded himself.

His follow-up is outstanding, and the support he lends to his downline and customer base is enviable. It was Dan who spoke to the enormous value of creating a customer base years ago, proving that his vision and insight are spot on.

I believe that Synergy Worldwide is a better company because of him. He has provided resources that he made available to everyone in the organization, not just his downline. He is spoken of across the Synergy world with respect and appreciation. He has earned that reputation.”

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