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Leave A Legacy with Synergy WorldWide!

Experience Synergy Next Week, Legacy Live next month

Experience Synergy Next Week, Legacy Live next month

you know, Synergy North America usually holds its “Legacy Live” calls
on the second Tuesday of each month. This month, however, we are
excitedly preparing for the Experience Synergy event instead!Legacy
Live will resume next month on October 9. Before then, we’ll see you at
the brand new Synergy HQ on September 14-15, for product education,
science and research, tours, exclusive event product specials, and more.
It’s only a week away!

Why Should You Be Excited About Experience Synergy?

“Coming to these events is the best way to not only get the latest
happenings with the company, but also to get the opportunity to network
with and hear what others are doing to grow their own businesses. These
events can really be defining moments for you and your Synergy
-Mark Comer, Triple Presidential Executive
“I love these events for three main reasons: 1) The opportunity to learn
from the company (new products, research and development, business
tools, technology, compensation plan incentives, and rewards). 2) It’s
an opportunity to learn from some of the most successful leaders in the
industry on best practices, strategies, training, etc. 3) Helps you get
re-focused, motivated, and committed. Everyone gets busy, distracted,
etc. but these events get you excited and re-energized to continue on
the road to change people’s lives for the better through Synergy
products, culture, and business opportunity.”
-Stewart Rutter, Emerald Executive
“I’m excited to attend the Experience Synergy event. If it’s anything like the new promotional material just released, then this event will be outstanding.”
-Dan Hammer, Team Leader

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