Boyd & Debra Gerber Introduce ProArgi-9+

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In Case You Missed It: Special Edition Legacy Live

In Case You Missed It: Special Edition Legacy Live

Last Tuesday, Debra Durfey, Director of Sales for North America, announced our exciting event coming up in September: Experience Synergy. This will be the first event in the new Synergy HQ building and will include tours of the Manufacturing Facility and the Hughes Center, a product and science seminar, informative trainings, and a special office ribbon-cutting ceremony with Synergy President Dan Norman and Founder Dan Higginson.

Also on the call was Andrew Earl, Manager of Field Sales and Digital Media to review the new and improved sales and training options now available at

Make sure to tune in to Legacy Live on the second Tuesday of every month for Synergy updates, training, and giveaways.

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