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Title Achievements Led by Brent Burnett, Synergy’s Newest Pearl Executive

Title Achievements Led by Brent Burnett, Synergy’s Newest Pearl Executive

Last November, as the holiday season began, Synergy Team Member Brent Burnett was passionately working with his team to reach new business milestones. Now, not only has he achieved the rank of Pearl Executive, he has set up a foundation for even greater success with Synergy in the future.

An avid runner, Brent compares his business building to the preparation and strategy that a distance runner would use during a race:

“You have to learn how to balance yourself during a race,” said Burnett. “You have to know when to push and when to dial it back. Last year [2017], we saw the opportunity to reach and decided to make that push.”

Hitting Pearl is definitely a commendable achievement for Brent, but not one that he could have accomplished alone. Joining him in the journey for greatness are two other Team Members who made pushes of their own to reach new titles before the end of the year.

William Ackley and Richard Carl, friends of Brent and members of his organization, were taught what would be required in order for their businesses to grow. They met with Brent, set goals, and organized a plan to each achieve the Team Director title in conjunction with Brent’s advancement. It was teamwork at its finest. As they worked to see their plans come to fruition, William and Richard committed to create positive habits that could be duplicated.

“They would always go out and do the simple things that I told them to do,” said Burnett. “Then we would talk again and they would bring up questions, and we would build from there.”

Today, Brent Burnett leads his team as a Pearl Executive, and with new milestones in sight. He has two very dedicated and passionate Team Directors by his side, looking to achieve further success in their own businesses. The future is looking bright, but all three are aware that building on success takes dedication and patience.

“Obviously, these sort of accolades don’t happen overnight,” said Burnett. “It’s something that you have to be willing to build and work toward.”

Brent has a goal to maintain a positive attitude as he builds. He believes this is how a successful team will be built. He hopes to create a climate in which people will want to work hard.

“We want to help people find the right culture where they can be successful,” said Brent. “We’ve been really impressed by our leaders around the world and we hope to create an environment that will encourage people to discover their true potential.”

As Brent continues to build a positive team in 2018, we congratulate him, along with William Ackley and Richard Carl, for their accomplishments so far. As they continue to generate momentum, we look forward to seeing how they will grow this year and beyond!

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