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New Nutrition Fact Labels on Synergy Products

New Nutrition Fact Labels on Synergy Products

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently updated the standard Nutrition Fact label that appears on packaged food and supplements. The required design of the label has been modified, along with the standards for measuring and declaring daily values and serving sizes.

To comply with this FDA update and the new requirements, you will begin to notice new labels on Synergy products. Please note that although the new label looks different, the Synergy product formulas have not changed. The ingredients have not changed. The supplements that you have known as effective, potent and safe have not changed.

You may see slightly different numbers begin to appear under “% Daily Value” and listed nutrient measurements. These simply reflect the new ways the FDA requires a company to measure the foods and supplements they package. Again, what you will find inside your newly labeled Synergy package will be the same product, served in the same portions that you have been enjoying for years.

At Synergy, we work to provide dependable, efficacious Elite Health solutions. This means meeting and exceeding the industry standards of quality. Thank you for putting our products to the test, just as we do every day.

For more information about the Nutrition Facts label, and the changes required by the FDA, please visit:

Dr. Matthew Tripp
Chief Scientific Officer
Nature’s Sunshine Products/Synergy WorldWide

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