Boyd & Debra Gerber Introduce ProArgi-9+

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REMEMBER: Elite Honors this month for Title Plus

REMEMBER: Elite Honors this month for Title Plus

Synergy Emerald Executive Stewart Rutter knows something we hope everyone will remember: Title Plus bonuses are great! In fact, as a Team Member achieves and maintains new pin titles, the extra cash earned through Title Plus can add up quickly, making this lucrative bonus program one you do not want to miss.

For our Team Members who hit their highest pin titles any time before 2017, please remember that this month, January 2018, is a very important month for you. You need to qualify for Elite Honors this month! Doing so will earn you a “new starting line” for Title Plus bonuses. Consider it a business refresh, and an extra incentive to solidify a part of your business that may have weakened over time.

There are many other benefits to qualifying for Elite Honors this month, and to advancing ranks in 2018. The rewards on the table this year for Synergy North America are yours for the taking. The best year of your business starts now!

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