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New Emerald Executive: Stewart Rutter

New Emerald Executive: Stewart Rutter

In his climb to Emerald Executive, Stewart Rutter has found excitement in building a lasting business, a business that runs on integrity, attracts exemplary people, and sells cutting-edge products.

Formerly, Stewart was an influential leader in Synergy’s corporate office overseeing sales in North America and Europe. He traded his corporate title for the opportunity to build his own business through a company he both loves and respects.

“I love the prospect of building my own future and controlling both my time and financial freedom,” Stewart said. “I am privileged to work with great people from countries around the world and create true residual income for years to come.”

Stewart specifically mentioned Synergy Malaysia leaders Alex Boh and Leong Chee Kwong as two of the many talented individuals he has had the pleasure of working with. Additionally, Stewart noted that Synergy Founder Dan Higginson, President Dan Norman, and his sponsor Triple Presidential Executive Mark Comer have all been major influences in his success. These leaders consider Stewart to be both a great friend and brilliant businessman.

“Stew is really someone who loves Synergy, the products, and mission, and he saw what a great opportunity it was while working at corporate that he moved to the field,” Mark said. “I’m not surprised at his success because he excels at everything he does. He is a great leader and example of what hard work and passion can do for a Synergy business.”

Mark is appreciated by Stewart as an effective sponsor, because he is a mentor that cares about the wellbeing of the entire team. He continually finds active ways to pursue his team’s goals.

Discovering the power of positivity and proactive service has made all the difference in helping Stewart move his business forward and help others do the same.

“It’s one thing to say ‘Hey, call if you need anything,’” Stewart said, “but it’s another thing to check in with them regularly. The first attempt at support will not make your business partner feel special or supported. My aim is to be proactive rather than reactive.”

While Stewart has found most of his business success with ProArgi-9+, he is excited about the overarching Elite Health message, the Purify Kit and its supporting business strategy, and Trulūm, Synergy’s new premium skin care line.

“Stew is, first and foremost, a great friend, a great business partner, both on the corporate side and now as a distributor,” Dan Higginson said. “I just love him and his family and look forward to seeing his continued success.”

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