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Synergy’s most popular promotion has been enhanced! For the second half of 2017, there will be more bonus money to be earned with Title Plus than ever before. This program enhancement takes effect July 1, 2017, bringing even BIGGER rewards for your rank advancements and sustained activity.


  • When you maintain a newly achieved pin title for a FOURTH consecutive month, you’ll earn the new “Fourth Month Bonus.” This new bonus comes in addition to the three regular monthly bonuses and matching bonus you will have earned!
  • Now, the Title Plus Enhanced bonuses are even available to Team Members at the Pearl Executive position.
  • Almost $20k in additional bonus money is now on the table! Yours for the taking.

For details and examples of how the Title Plus promotion works, read below.

As the potential to earn larger cash bonuses grows within the Title Plus program, Synergy North America will be discontinuing the Go Elite bonus beginning July 1. It is our hope that Team Members will focus on rank advancements and maintaining the momentum as incentivized by Title Plus. Those who earn Go Elite bonuses in June will be paid accordingly, and the Elite Honors program will be continue throughout at least the end of this year.



  • The Title Plus promotion began February 1 and runs through December 2017. The enhancements take effect beginning July 1.
  • Each time you earn a new, highest personally achieved pin level you will receive a cash bonus!
  • The point when the new level is reached will kick off a four-month reward period where you can earn a cash bonus again and again for the following three months!
  • If you drop below the new rank for a month, but reach it again in month three or four, you will earn the pin level reward (the cash bonus) for month three or four only.
  • In addition to the cash bonuses you earn for hitting and maintaining a new title, Synergy is offering a MATCHING BONUS!
  • If you maintain the new pin level or higher for all three consecutive months within the promotion period, you will get the matching bonus.
  • If you maintain the new pin level or higher for a fourth consecutive month within the promotion period, you will also get the fourth month bonus!
  • At the Team Leader through Team Elite levels, to earn the matching bonus and fourth month bonus, you must also be Elite Honors Qualified for atleast one of the first three months. See below for Elite Honors Qualification details.
  • The matching bonus equals to the sum of the three month’s pin level rewards at that new pin level. That’s double the money!
  • The fourth month bonus is equal to one more month of pin level rewards (the monthly cash bonus) plus one more matching bonus! That’s
  • Keep in mind that if you do not maintain the pin level or higher for the three consecutive months, you will lose the entire matching bonus amount for that new pin level, and you will miss a chance to earn your fourth month bonus. Don’t let your level drop!
  • If you ascend multiple ranks, your rewards will compound. In other words, you will be paid for every pin level you reach!
  • To qualify for the rewards of the Title Plus promotion, you must meet your Standard Personal Qualification in the qualifying month.*

You can earn as many new Title Plus bonuses, matching bonuses and fourth month bonuses as you are able to achieve during the promotion period. There are still six months left in the year, so don’t waste any time! 

Click here to download a printable Title Plus 2017 Enhancement flyer


Example 1: Bob the Star
• If Bob advances to Star in July (first time ever) he earns $25 in addition to his regular commissions.
• If Bob hits Star again in August, he earns another $25.
• If Bob hits Star again in September, he earns another $25, plus he earns the $75 matching bonus for hitting Star three months in a row!
• If Bob hits Star again in October, he earns another $100! It’s the new fourth month bonus! Nice work Bob!
*If Bob hits Star in July and August, but does not in September, he earns neither the corresponding 3rd month bonus nor the matching bonus. If he hits it again in October, he’ll get the $25 cash bonus, but no matching bonus and no complete fourth month bonus.
Example 2: Carl the Climber
• If Carl advances to Star in August (first time ever), he earns $25 in addition to his regular commissions.
• If Carl then advances to Bronze in September, he earns $25 for the second month of Star title, plus $50 for his first month of Bronze title.
• If Carl then advances to Silver in October, he earns $25 for his third month of Star title, the $75 Star Matching Bank bonus, $50 for the second month of Bronze title, and $75 for the first month of Silver title. Keep climbing Carl!
• If Carl advances to Gold in November, he’ll earn $100 for his fourth month of Star title, $50 for his third month of Bronze title PLUS his Bronze matching bonus of $150, and another $75 for a second month of Silver!
*If Carl hits Star in August and Bronze in September, but drops back to Star in October, he will receive all three months of the Star Bonus, plus the Matching bonus for Star title, but only the first month title bonus for Bronze. Carl can still earn the third month Title Bonus for Bronze in November, but he cannot earn the Bronze matching bonus. He will also still be on track for a fourth month bonus at the Star level.
Example 3: Terry the Team Leader
• If Terry advances to Team Leader in July (first time ever), she earns $200 in addition to her regular commissions.
• If Terry hits Team Leader again August, she earns another $200.
• If Terry hits Team Leader again in September AND become Elite Honors Qualified that month, she earns another $200, plus the matching bonus of $600.
*If Terry hits Team Leader in July, August and September, but does not qualify for Elite Honors in any of those three months, she does not earn the matching bonus.


From January through December of 2017, a Team Member qualifies for Elite Honors at either the 600, 1200 or 2400 levels by having either 600 CV, 1200 CV or 2400 CV on their Tracking Center 1 (TC1). For more information about Elite Honors requirements and rewards, please click here or contact us at (801) 769-7800.

Terms and Conditions
All monthly volume must be placed in the system by month end. Any returns or other adjustments will be factored into the calculation of this promotion, and will result in an increase or decrease in the actual promotion amount earned and paid. 2017 Title Plus promotion earnings will be included with your monthly commission check for the month the new title is earned. The matching bonus will be added to the monthly commission check corresponding to the third consecutive month that you achieve the new pin level or higher. The Title Plus promotion is applicable for the ranks of Star through Pearl Executive ranks only. *Standard Personal Qualification for North America is a minimum of 120 CV in total orders on your Tracking Center 1.
Download the Title Plus 2017 Enhanced flyer here
Download the original Title Plus 2017 flyer here

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