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Participate in a Hughes Center Study!

Participate in a Hughes Center Study!

The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation is seeking viable candidates to participate in a study that assesses EPA and DHA levels in the blood. Participants will receive free fish oil supplements and additional compensation! 

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are known for their role in supporting the cardiovascular system. The fish oil products used in this study include only the highest quality ingredients and have been thoroughly teste for your safety.

To participate, candidates must

  • Be generally healthy
  • Be committed to taking fish oil supplements for four weeks
  • Fill out a medical history form
  • Get their blood drawn for a complete blood count and comprehensive metabolic panel
  • Be able to travel to the Hughes Center located in Lehi, Utah

Those you qualify to participate will be instructed to take one of two fish oil capsules—a gelled formulation or soft gel capsule. Participants will also be asked to eat a diet that includes little to no fish and make no changes to their current medication and supplement regimen. EPA and DHA measurements will be collected by finger pricking.

Interested in participating or want more information? Contact Dr. Joe Ou via email at or call 801-798-4180. Invite your friends and family to participate as well!

Synergy is dedicated to science, which makes clinical research of utmost importance in product development. Take part in our mission to create quality health solutions by getting involved!

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